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Manila-Maldives Direct Flight Agreement Approved: Reach Maldives Faster Without Any Connecting Flights

Manila-Maldives Direct Flight agreement is finally approved, making traveling easier for Pinoys.

Manila-Maldives direct flight deal inked

Manila-Maldives Direct Flight Agreement Approved
Manila-Maldives Direct Flight Agreement Approved

The Maldives is where people come to experience the island life at the most beautiful and most relaxed way possible. Whether you are dozing off in your private overwater bungalow or you are crisscrossing coral reefs in a glass-bottom boat or swimming in their crystal blue water to see the stunning marine life, the chances of returning home disappointed are slim to none. It is definitely hard to have a bad holiday in the Maldives.

This is why the Maldives is on the travel bucket list of most Filipinos. However, one of the problems that most Pinoy travelers are facing is the long connecting flight from the Philippines to Malé, Maldives. You need to travel from the country to Singapore and Singapore to Malé to reach the picturesque beaches of Maldives.

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Beach in Maldives
It is definitely hard to have a bad holiday in the Maldives.

Manila-Maldives Direct Flight Agreement Finally Approved!

But now, spending the holidays on the beautiful beaches of Maldives is a lot easier for Filipino travelers as the Philippines and Maldives have negotiated a draft air services agreement, making direct flights between the two countries. According to the Department of Transportation, the agreement of Manila-Maldives Direct Flight was signed by officials last April 17. Among those who attended the two-day meeting in Manila, the Philippine panel was led by the Department of Foreign Affairs and joined by the DOTr, Civil Aeronautics Board, Department of Tourism, Department of Trade and Industry, and Department of Labor and Employment.

The Maldives delegation was composed of the chairperson, chief executive, and senior officials from the country’s Civil Aviation Authority.

The Manila-Maldives Direct Flight agreement allows for an initial 1,200 seats that can be flown weekly by designated airlines.

Mirihi Island Resort
Mirihi Island Resort

To promote the Philippine airports outside Manila, according to DOTr, because of the Philippines’ pocket open skies policies, flights originating from or destined for points outside Manila will be unlimited.

Once this agreement takes place, many Filipino travelers can finally tick a box on their travel bucket list and explore not only the beautiful beaches of Maldives but the other things that the country has to offer.

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