Review: Five Guys in Frankfurt am Main

Germany isn’t that far off from the Philippines when it comes to fast food restaurants. Like the Philippines, Germany has a handful of American fast food joints like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Burger King. Having stayed here for quite some time can get you wanting more than buckets of chicken and Whoppers, so I was waiting for something new to come along.

Enter Five Guys. I have read fun tales about Five Guys on the internet, most especially friends from the US who have mentioned them to me more than once. Five Guys is still a family-run company so named after the five children of the owners, Jerry and Janie Murrell. The restaurant has its origins in Virginia and has since become a favourite in Washington DC. I became intrigued, and now that Five Guys had set foot into Germany, I became excited. Also, who wouldn’t want to have a bite of former US President Barack Obama’s favourite burger? Five Guys have opened shop in Frankfurt so, luckily, we were headed to the city for a New Year’s vacation.

My husband and I went to Five Guys twice. At around late afternoon, the restaurant was filled people all queuing for a taste of their famous burgers and fries. We fell in line, not caring how long it will take before we take our turn to order. At last, after a few minutes that seemed forever, we were able to order. Good thing we were fortunate to have found a table for us to enjoy the meal.

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Our order of the day at Five Guys
Our order of the day at Five Guys

We ordered two burgers, one serving of regular fries, and one malted milkshake. After five hours of travelling by bus to Frankfurt, we thought we deserved a treat. And a treat it was! The burgers were still juicy and tasty. We were expecting a decline in quality because of the high demand of burgers at the time but they did not disappoint.

Big bite
Big bite

The order of the day wasn’t so bad, as it was a special experience: big, juicy burgers, tasty fries fried in peanut oil, and the shake. The shake we had was malted milk, and the good news is that their milkshake is still drinkable despite the obvious thickness. Deeeelicious.

Day Two of our trip to Frankfurt took us back to Five Guys. This time we managed to arrive at lunch. The queue was long but the service was fast this time. And there were less people eating inside the restaurant than yesterday. Maybe because it was the 31st of December at the time?

Because there was apparently less customers on our Day Two, I decided to take some photos of the interior.

Five Guys Interior
Five Guys Interior
Five Guys Menu
Five Guys Menu

We ordered the same meals again and we became satisfied with the outcome. Still we had big, juicy burgers, the tasty fries, and the thick milkshake. Best of all, there wasn’t a crowd in it on New Year’s Eve!

That's us look rather chuffed with our order
That’s us look rather chuffed with our order

My takeaway is that Five Guys won me over because of the warmth their service brought to us when we ordered our meals. Maybe because it was jam-packed? Maybe because they were new to Germany so they had to make a good impression among the locals? Who knows. What I know is that Five Guys have set a bar highest amongst the American fast food chains already existing in the country.

Danke schön, Five Guys! Maybe we’ll visit your joint in Essen soon!

Five Guys facade
Five Guys facade

Five Guys Deutschland
Frankfurt: Zeil 127, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

Branch is right in front of the S-Bahn station Frankfurt Hauptwache, and is right next to the St. Katharine Church

Another branch is in the city of Essen:

Limbecker Platz 1A, 45127 Essen

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