Manggahan Festival 2010 in Guimaras Island

This coming April 11-18, 2010, Guimaras Island will be celebrating Manggahan Festival 2010. The provincial governor said that they are now planning the schedule of activities which will highlight their export quality mangoes.


World's Sweetest Mango

Apart from the streetdancing competition among the students, there will also be a fireworks competition, Miss Manggahan and a free concert for the public viewers.

The ‘Manggahan Festival’ which was conceptualized to promote the province’s mango products also paves way to the opening of other opportunities for the province.

Guimaras is now being developed for its agriculture, sports and eco-tourism potentials. (Source – PNA)
  1. Peter says

    The mangoes look yummy! Summer time is truly mango time. 🙂

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