Luxembourg makes public transport free
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Luxembourg Is The First Country To Offer Free-For-All Public Transport

Luxembourg becomes first country to provide free public transport system

In a bid to lessen the dense car traffic, the government of Luxembourg has become the first country across the globe in offering a free public transport rule, Feb. 29.

While some cities across the country have already taken similar partial measures, the transport ministry said that it is the first time this decision covers the whole of Luxembourg.

Location of Luxembourg image via Wikipedia CC
Location of Luxembourg image via Wikipedia CC

This free transport policy in the country is deemed an “important social measure” and it affects around 40 percent of households. As a result, this new policy could help each household approximately 100 euros or $110 every year.

Luxembourg is first country to make all public transport free
Luxembourg is first country to make all public transport free

Such measure, according to a report from The Guardian, is only a part of the country’s plan to lessen congestion.

Luxembourg’s capital city is known for traffic jams, mainly because of the tram that has been under construction for some years now.

The first section of this tram started its operation in the last months of 2017. However, the rest of the tram is still being constructed and the work will continue for some more years in an effort to link the north of the capital, in which the airport is seated, and the southern skirts.

Luxembourg makes public transport free
Luxembourg makes public transport free

Francis Bausch, the transport minister, said that systematic and continuous investment is an essential condition to promote the attractiveness of public transport.

Jardin du Luxembourg
Jardin du Luxembourg

TNS Ilres carried out a survey back in 2018, showing that cars were used in 71 percent of leisure transport and 47 percent of business travel.

In the meantime, those who took the bus accounted for 32 percent of trips and those who took the train only accounted for 19 percent.

Meanwhile, workers in Paris that are using public transport accounted for 68.6 percent of trips. It is according to the French statistics institute Insee.

In Luxembourg’s new free transport policy, however, there are some exceptions, which are certain night bus services along with first-class travel on trains.

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