LOOK: The Mystical Starbucks Anniversary Collection is Here!

Heed the Siren’s call with the mystical Starbucks Anniversary Collection

The Mystical Starbucks Anniversary Collection is Here

Starbucks Anniversary Collection 2019

Manila, Philippines — Good News!, Starbucks lovers! Now we have more reasons to have our caffeine fix because our favorite coffee chain just launched an exciting Anniversary collection, featuring a return of their Anniversary blend and card.

The Mystical Starbucks Anniversary Collection is Here
The Mystical Starbucks Anniversary Collection is Here

Take a sneak peek of the iconic Starbucks’ Siren logo and be amazed by their latest merchandise which will make you love their quality coffee even more. With seafaring folklore as her origin, the iconic Starbucks Siren is not a far cry from the legend. In her way, the enigmatic beauty continues to call on those with a passion for quality coffee.

The Anniversary Card and Blend

Just as sirens enchant seafarers with music, the Starbucks Siren sings the brand’s rich story with the return of Starbucks® Anniversary blend, Anniversary Card, and its stunning Anniversary Merchandise collection.

Starbucks Anniversary Siren Card
Starbucks Anniversary Siren Card

To make the anniversary more exciting, they also launched a Starbucks Anniversary Blend; known for its bold and full-bodied coffee flavor and distinctive spice notes. It’s made with the finest blend of beans from Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and enhanced with the addition of the iconic Sumatra, and will be available in VIA® and Whole Bean. Another thing about the launch this year is that the Starbucks Anniversary Blend will feature a fresh interpretation of the siren on its packaging.

Aquatic Themed Collection

Paying homage to their mystical muse, this year’s collection features design and illustrations of aquatic elements in turquoise blue, gold, and silver accents. With items including mugs, tumblers, and an adorable Starbucks Bearista siren, the collection showcases the ethereal beauty of the Siren.

Starbucks Anniversary Ceramic Mug
Starbucks Anniversary Ceramic Mug

Complete the set of the celestial muse of the sea with the Starbucks Anniversary Card which depicts the siren’s tail in varying shades of blue. The card is now available for an initial activation amount of ?500 per card.

For Starbucks’ Anniversary, heed the Siren’s call and dive deep into your coffee passions with the brand’s exciting offerings!

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