Kidapawan City Travel Guide 2019: Itinerary, Where to Stay, and More

Mount Apo photo by incrediblethots via Flickr CC

2019 Ultimate Travel Guide to Kidapawan City, Philippines

The City of Kidapawan is a third class city and the capital of Cotabato which is a province in the Philippines. It has a population of 140,195 people and located at the foot of Mt. Apo. It is popular during the summer due to mountain climbing activities.

Mount Apo photo by Kleomarlo via Wikipedia CC
Mount Apo photo By Kleomarlo, CC BY-SA 3.0 CC

Prominent Muslims used to call Kidapawan their home like Sultan Omar Kiram II, a descendant of Rajah Baguinda. The Maguindanaon were the first settlers of the city. It became a city on February 12, 1998, through the Republic Act. No. 8500 signed by then President Fidel V. Ramos.

Kidapawan City Hall photo by Nsaa via Wikipedia CC
Kidapawan City Hall photo By Nsaa – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0
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Its main tourist attraction is Mt. Apo which is where the nearly extinct Philippine Eagle can be found. There are other notable attractions in Kidapawan City like Lake Venado and Kansal Falls.

In this 2019 Travel Guide to Kidapawan City Blog, we listed some tips on how you can do your own DIY Day trip to Kidapawan City. We also included Kidapawan City Itinerary, Things to do and see, how to get there and more.

Best Time to Visit Kidapawan City

Kidapawan City is located outside the typhoon belt so it has a mild climate. It gets cold during December and January and its hottest months are April and May. If you’re looking forward to climb Mt. Apo then you should go during the summer (April to May) or November to December otherwise you can go anytime.

Mount Apo photo by incrediblethots via Flickr CC
Mount Apo photo by incrediblethots via Flickr CC

How to Get There

From Manila (by air or land)

Take the direct flight from Manila to Awang Airport in Cotabato City via Cebu Pacific and ride a van, bus or jeepney to Kidapawan City.

From Davao (by land)

Ride the bus going to Kidapawan City at Ecoland Terminal, Davao City.

Currency and Accessibility to ATM Machines

The currency used in Kidapawan City is Philippine peso. There are several ATM machines like BPI, Metrobank, and Landbank.

Internet Connectivity

PLDT, Smart and Globe WIFI are available in Kidapawan City. Most accommodations offer free WIFI.

Things to Do in Kidapawan City

Enjoy the Bountiful Fruit Harvest

Fruits in Kidapawan City
Fruits in Kidapawan City

August to September is the season when there are plenty of fruits that visitors can try. These are locally grown tropical fruits like mangosteen, rambutan, marang, banana, lanzones, and durian. Everybody awaits this time because the fruits taste great and there are a lot to choose from.

Join the Apo Sandawa Climb Festival

This climb festival happens in April to May and October to November where trekking groups head on to the highest mountain of the country. These groups take on the Mandarangan Trail where everyone can witness magnificent surroundings with lush forest and exciting adventures. This is also a day of celebration to hone the indigenous people of Kidapawan City.

Watch Kidapawan Carnival

Kidapawan City Carnival Street Parade photo via Kidapawan City Tourism Office FB
Kidapawan City Carnival Street Parade photo via Kidapawan City Tourism Office FB

It’s a weeklong celebration from February 8 to 12 which pays tribute to the founding of Kidapawan as a city. It’s much like a Mardi gras festival and performers wear costumes made of vibrant materials and parade into the streets to dance.

Visit Lake Agco and Mandarangan (little volcano)

Lake Agco in Kidapawan
Lake Agco in Kidapawan

Lake Agco is located at the foot of Mt. Apo and inside Mt. Apo Natural Park. It’s a boiling lake which might scare you at first but don’t worry as it’s just sulphuric steam which is good for the health actually. You can go on a spring bath and enjoy a mud spa. It’s one of the main reasons why visitors go to the place.

Mandarangan, on the other hand, is what they call ‘little volcano’. It’s a major attraction in Kidapawan City as you’ll reach it first before Lake Agco. It leads to Marbol River and Mt. Apo.

Lake Venado photo by Kleomarlo via Wikipedia CC
Lake Venado photo by Kleomarlo via Wikipedia CC

Other Tourist Spots to Visit in Kidapawan City

The mystical lake of Lake Venado is an attraction in Kidapawan City you shouldn’t miss. It’s located at the foot of Mt. Apo and it’s the second highest lake in the country.

Paniki Falls photo via Kidapawan City Tourism Office FB
Paniki Falls photo via Kidapawan City Tourism Office FB

Where to Eat in Kidapawan City

Karahay Eat-All-You-Can Restaurant

Location: Barangay Sudapin Davao, Cotabato Road, Kidapawan City

Delicious meals need not be expensive and Karahay takes care of that while giving you plenty of food choices at their Eat-All-You-Can restaurant. They serve delicious meat, vegetables, and seafood dishes. They also serve fresh foods.

AJ Hi-Time

Location: Plaridel St. corner Laurel St. Kidapawan City

Strategically located in the middle of the city, it’s near the park and the Office of the Mayor. It has a cozy ambiance and they serve a mix of Asian, Filipino and International cuisine.

Boyd’s Pizza House

Boyd's Pizza House in Kidapawan
Boyd’s Pizza House in Kidapawan

Location: Roxas Street, Kidapawan City

If you’re looking for comfort foods, make no mistake and head to Boyd’s. Their menu is packed with mouth-watering options like burgers, pasta, pizza, sandwiches, soups, salads and many more. Their prices are higher than usual because it’s good for a group rather than single serving.

Where to Stay in Kidapawan City

Eva’s Hotel

Location: 139 Quezon Blvd, Poblacion, Kidapawan City

Eva’s Hotel Kidapawan
Eva’s Hotel Kidapawan

Price for Matrimonial Queen Room starts at USD24++ via Agoda

The newly renovated is popular with travelers due to its location which makes the city’s attractions easy to reach. They have an onsite ATM, spa and massage facilities and karaoke.

ABC Landmark Hotel

Location: National Highway, Kidapawan City (in front of Methodist Center) 9400

ABC Landmark Hotel in Kidapawan City
ABC Landmark Hotel in Kidapawan City

Price for Matrimonial Room starts at USD18++

The modern setting of ABC Hotel gives visitors a vibrant vibe. Guests who wish to stay on track with their fitness regimens can use their gym. They also have a function hall for meetings and other events, standard room features, café, and restaurant.

Travel Tips

Be sure to bring necessary mountaineering gear if you’re planning to climb Mt. Apo. Likewise, bring proper swimming attire if you’re brave enough to try Lake Agco.

Contact Info

Emergency Hotline 911/0908 921 7888
City Information Office (064) 577 4829
Police Station (064) 577 1444

Have you been to Kidapawan City? Help us improve this 2019 Travel Guide to Kidapawan City Blog by sharing your personal Kidapawan City travel tips and recommendations.

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