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Top 12 Best Things to Do in Kidapawan City

Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Kidapawan City

Mount Apo Kidapawan City by Michael Rivery via Unsplash

Bucket List: 12 Best Places to Visit in Kidapawan City

The city of Kidapawan is one of the most visited cities in Mindanao, the capital of the province of Cotabato. Kidapawan was founded in 1914, and ever since, it has been growing its culture and history more and more for people to love. The city is also hailed as the “City of Fruits” thanks to its famous Kidapawan City Fruit Festival, which features different kinds of exotic Filipino fruits such as Durian, Mangosteen, Rambutan, and Lansones. Hundreds of tourists participate in the form festival every year, boosting the city’s local tourism dramatically!

Kidapawan City is also known as the best starting point for trekkers and hikers who want to climb the highest peak of the Philippines, Mount Apo. The city is situated right at the foot of the majestic mountain, so several hotels, souvenir shops, and restaurants here in Kidapawan. Moreover, the city boasts countless tourist attractions that promise to make your vacation even more memorable! There are plenty of natural wonders in Kidapawan, including stunning and untouched waterfalls. Some of the notable landmarks are the Kansai Falls, Paniqui Cave, Lake Agco, and many more!

Lucky for you, because today we’ll be diving deeper into the 12 Best Things to do in Kidapawan City to help you have one of the best vacations of your life!

Visit the Lake Agco Mahomanoy Mountain Resort

Lake Agco photo by Butch Dalisay via Flickr CC
Lake Agco photo by Butch Dalisay via Flickr CC

First on the list is one of the wonders of nature dubbed as the Garden of Eden of Kidapawan City, the one and only Lake Agco Mahomanoy Mountain Resort! Aside from several spots in the area where you can appreciate the beauty of nature, the most popular thing that tourists love to do here in Lake Agno has a relaxing dip at the steaming hot lake where sulfuric acid is used for the mud spa! Oh, don’t miss the chance to glance at the majestic Mount Apo, one of Lake Agno’s scenic spots.

If you also want to climb up the tallest peak of the Philippines, some of the Lake Agco Mahomanoy Mountain Resort members also offer a guided tour to Mt. Apo! The resort also offers plenty of high-quality rooms to ensure that you’ll have a nice place to accommodate you during your beautiful vacation.

Be in Awe of the Mawig Falls

Mawig Falls photo via Kidapawan City Tourism Office FB Page
Mawig Falls photo via Kidapawan City Tourism Office FB Page

This hidden gem located in Barangay Balabag, Kidapawan City is one of the most stunning wonders of nature famous to the local tourists. Imagine taking a dip and diving in a 65-foot tall waterfall with crystal clear waters right below it! You will definitely be in awe of Mawig Falls, so don’t miss the chance to visit this pristine waterfall!

Explore the Paniqui Cave and Falls

While you have a relaxing swim at Mawig Falls, don’t miss the chance to visit another wonder of nature nearby! The famed Paniqui Cave and Falls are also located at Barangay Balabag, Kidapawan City. It has a natural cave named after bats, hence “Paniqui.”

It is said that vast numbers of bats live within the caves, so that’s also a lovely sight to see! While you’re at it, you can also go on waterfall hopping because Paniqui also has a waterfall!

Have a Quick Swim at Indangan Falls

Another irresistible location is the famous Indangan Falls in Barangay Indang, Kidapawan City. It is a hidden gem consisting of twin falls towering at about 60 to 70 feet.

Thanks to its beautiful clear color and rock formations around, it is also dubbed as the Marbel or Marble Falls. You can also relax because the Indangan Falls is surrounded by several hot springs.

Visit Sitio Maupot

Sitio Maupot Family Resort
Sitio Maupot Family Resort
Sitio Maupot Resort in Kidapawan
Sitio Maupot Resort in Kidapawan

One of the best things to look for during a vacation is the accommodation facility that will take charge of anything and everything you need to relax. Well, you’re in luck because Kidapawan City certainly has got your back! Sitio Maupot is a Bali-inspired hotel and resort offering the highest degree of comfort and convenience to all its guests.

You can also be sure to enjoy your stay thanks to the countless exciting activities and tours waiting for you. The resort’s convenient location enables tourists to explore the city with relative ease!

Hike the Tallest Mountain in the Philippines

Mount Apo Kidapawan City by Michael Rivery via Unsplash
Mount Apo Kidapawan City by Michael Rivery via Unsplash

Of course, we wouldn’t miss the chance, right? Now that you’re in the city that’s perfect for everyone who wishes to climb up the Philippines’ tallest mountain, why not take the chance? Just like what I’ve mentioned earlier, Kidapawan City is the most preferred destination for Mt. Apo climbers. Here, you can find countless hotels and resorts that will provide you everything you need for your daring mission!

Mt. Apo is a dormant volcano with an elevation of about 2,954 meters above sea level. There are three (3) peaks atop the volcano, so be sure to reach them all! Oh, and for the record, Mt. Apo has never erupted throughout its mighty reign, so don’t worry!

Explore the Kansal Falls

Another hidden gem of Kidapawan City’s collection of majestic waterfalls is the Kansal Falls. It is located at Sitio Lapaan in Barangay Perez. Many locals love Kansal Falls because it is considered the cleanest and most pristine waterfall in the province. Aside from that, it also supplies the entire city of Kidapawan!

Wander Around the Cotabato Provincial Capitol

Another thing you also need to make sure of is exploring the wonderful Cotabato Provincial Capitol. With this, you can immerse yourself in the province’s rich culture and history and support the local tourism and economy of Kidapawan. Feel free to roam around and find fresh produce, exotic products, and delicious food everywhere!

Visit Lake Venado

Lake Venado by Kleomario via Wikipedia CC
Lake Venado by Kleomario via Wikipedia CC

Now that you’re surely hooked on the beautiful creations of nature in Kidapawan City, you might also not let go of the chance to visit Lake Venado! It is an endorheic lake located right at the foot of Mt. Apo. Here, you can surely take Instagrammable photos of yourself with two of the most brilliant natural wonders right behind you. Lake Venado is also a popular campsite for those on a mission to conquer the peak of Mt. Apo, so be sure to check it out!

Tour Around Mandarangan Geological Site

Another best way to spend your vacation here in Kidapawan City is by learning more! The Mandarangan Geological Site is an educational tourism site inside Mount Apo Natural Park. Here, you can observe the mountain ridges, slopes, and behavior of Mount Apo while also discovering its history and how the people of Cotabato benefits from this majestic volcano.

Learn More About History in the Old Cotabato City Hall Museum

As I said, whenever you visit a new province or city, it is essential to know more about its history and culture. And the best way to do that is by visiting a museum! The Old Cotabato City Hall Museum is located right in front of the Rizal Park Plaza, where you can learn about the history of the province of Cotabato and pay respects to its teeming culture and legacy!

Visit the Philippine Eagle Center

Philippine Eagle in Davao City
Philippine Eagle in Davao City

Finally, you shouldn’t let your vacation end without dropping by the Philippine Eagle Center! Located in Davao City, this is an 8-hectare rainforest serving as a conservation center for the endangered species of the Philippine Eagle. This eagle is one of the pride of our country simply because it is the largest eagle in terms of length and wing surface. Well, it isn’t dubbed as the Monkey-Eating Eagle for no reason!

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