Exploring Apo Reef Natural Park via Discovery Fleet Cruise

The thought of going to Apo Reef Natural Park leaves me feeling elated. I’ve always wanted to see and experience its beauty, but the time consuming and energy draining trip to this piece of gem just can’t fit into my schedule. There has to be a more convenient mode to travel to this majestic underwater kingdom. And here comes Discovery Fleet Cruise.

aerial shot of Apo Mayor island
aerial shot of Apo Mayor island with M/V Discovery Palawan on the right

Discovery Fleet Cruise offers both divers and non-divers a unique and exciting way to discover and explore the Apo Reef Natural Park. That’s minus the long hours of enduring numb butts and legs while riding a bus or a van. The only thing you need to worry about is choosing how you’ll spend your time while on-board.

Apo Mayor island
Apo Mayor island enveloped by clear blue waters

The ship left Batangas port around 4pm and went on an overnight sail to Apo Reef. Given a good weather, the cruise went smooth that I hardly noticed we were already moving. We were right on time in reaching Apo Reef. The water looked really inviting. I felt this strong urge to jump off the chase boat gliding its way to Apo Mayor Island.

Apo Reef Natural Park Coral Reef
Apo Reef Natural Park Coral Reef

 Apo Reef Marine Kingdom
Apo Reef marine kingdom

Though I’m not new to snorkelling, I can’t help but feel delighted as if it’s my first time. For one, Apo Reef has been sitting too long in my bucket list. The first glimpse underwater has left me in awe. We haven’t swam too far but the presence of marine life and coral reefs was already aplenty. I’m not the only one fascinated though as I can hear my roommate’s frequent ahhhs and wows as she swims beside me.

snorkeling selfie
snorkeling selfie! spot the lighthouse and my fellow snorkelers in the background.

A sumptuous lunch prepared by the attentive and enthusiastic crew of M/V Discovery Palawan was waiting for us on the beach. It was not the usual seafood feast I expected but I’m not complaining. The food was, as always, a delight to the palate.

We had a short trek to Apo Mayor’s lighthouse located on the opposite side of the beach. The top of the lighthouse offers a 360-degree picturesque view of the island and the open sea.

on our way to the lighthouse
on our way to the lighthouse

view of the sea from the top
view of the open sea from above

Snorkelling, though fun, isn’t enough to see Apo Reef’s underwater world. I can tell the divers had an amazing time exploring Apo Reef deep down. After all, Apo Reef is a diving paradise with its deep walls and intact reefs that draw jacks, barracudas, mantas and sharks, among other sea creatures.

Diver and Turtle
diver and turtle photo from Discovery Fleet Cruise

Diver at Drop Off
diver at drop off photo from Discovery Fleet Cruise

Pink Clownfish in its host Magnificent Anemone
pink clownfish in its host, a magnificent anemone photo from Discovery Fleet Cruise

Leaving Apo Mayor Island wasn’t easy, but the thought of more above and underwater adventures awaiting us on this cruise trip made me realize that we need to move on.

calmness in farewell
calmness in farewell

Shipwreck Diving
shipwreck diving

sunset in the middle of the sea

The day was capped off with a shipwreck snorkeling and diving at dusk while the tangerine sun sets down on the endless horizon. That moment was, indeed, beautiful.

For inquiries about Discovery Fleet Dive Cruise (www.discoveryfleet.com) please call (+632) 419 5877/79; email yvetteclee@gmail.com; info@discoveryfleet.com


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