Japan vs Canada : Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2011

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Photos Courtesy of Angel Juarez of www.lakwatsero.com

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Canada and Canadians but there are those who say that Canada’s Fireworks are well…in a word…boring. Unfortunately, their entry in the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2011 didn’t do much to dispel those ideas.

Canada Fireworks Pyromusical 2011
Apogee Fireworks Canada in Pyromusical 2011

After seing all the amazing displays from Youtube and blogposts leading up to the Canadian display, I was really expecting more of the Canucks. In fact, the only part that really did anything for me (or for most of the crowd for that matter) was when they are approaching the finale, now that was nice, another word that gets thrown around when you talk about Canadians or Canada…it really was though.

Canada Fireworks in Philippine International Pyromusical 2011
Canada Fireworks in Philippine International Pyromusical 2011

Unfortunately for the Canadians, they just didn’t even exist next to the incredible display put on by Japan this year. Both teams were fighting against the rainy weather and did the best they could, but where Canada felt limp and sort of lame, Japan came off as warming up the night sky and getting rid of the rainy blues.

Fireworks from Team Japan
Fireworks from Team Japan

Certainly it felt like that in the crowd. And there was a crowd, despite the rain the SM Mall was still filled with hundreds who came out to enjoy the fireworks and music.

Japan Fireworks in Pyromusical 2011
Tamaya Kitahara of Japan in Pyromusical 2011

When the Japanese opened up, no one knew what to expect. What we didn’t expect at all was that they would use the Super Mario Brothers song to get us all excited about our play stations. Meanwhile the sky seemed like a video game as it was filled with monsters, smiling faces, and plenty of good old fashioned sparks, hearts, twirls, and more. The whole display really rocked.

And then there was Canada. Nice but boring, eh? What else can I really say except that I”m looking forward to seeing the final showdown between Australia and the Philippines next week. That should really be something to enjoy.