Japan vs Canada : Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2011

Photos Courtesy of Angel Juarez of www.lakwatsero.com

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Canada and Canadians but there are those who say that Canada’s Fireworks are well…in a word…boring. Unfortunately, their entry in the Philippine International Pyromusical Competition 2011 didn’t do much to dispel those ideas.

Canada Fireworks Pyromusical 2011
Apogee Fireworks Canada in Pyromusical 2011

After seing all the amazing displays from Youtube and blogposts leading up to the Canadian display, I was really expecting more of the Canucks. In fact, the only part that really did anything for me (or for most of the crowd for that matter) was when they are approaching the finale, now that was nice, another word that gets thrown around when you talk about Canadians or Canada…it really was though.

Canada Fireworks in Philippine International Pyromusical 2011
Canada Fireworks in Philippine International Pyromusical 2011

Unfortunately for the Canadians, they just didn’t even exist next to the incredible display put on by Japan this year. Both teams were fighting against the rainy weather and did the best they could, but where Canada felt limp and sort of lame, Japan came off as warming up the night sky and getting rid of the rainy blues.

Fireworks from Team Japan
Fireworks from Team Japan

Certainly it felt like that in the crowd. And there was a crowd, despite the rain the SM Mall was still filled with hundreds who came out to enjoy the fireworks and music.

Japan Fireworks in Pyromusical 2011
Tamaya Kitahara of Japan in Pyromusical 2011

When the Japanese opened up, no one knew what to expect. What we didn’t expect at all was that they would use the Super Mario Brothers song to get us all excited about our play stations. Meanwhile the sky seemed like a video game as it was filled with monsters, smiling faces, and plenty of good old fashioned sparks, hearts, twirls, and more. The whole display really rocked.

And then there was Canada. Nice but boring, eh? What else can I really say except that I”m looking forward to seeing the final showdown between Australia and the Philippines next week. That should really be something to enjoy.

  1. dude says

    canada was boring??? wow your stupid… i was there too, canada’s performance was way better than japans, yeah canada started slow, but in the end, it performed way better than japan, especially on how they synchronized their fireworks with their music. yeah the japs lighted the skies with so much firepower, but they did it with quantity, canada did it with quality instead of quantity. learn to appreciate… wow your stupid…

  2. dude says

    no disrespect to the japs! you guys did great too.

  3. dude says

    dude.. just curious… are you deaf? dont quite understand why you found canada’s performance boring.. cuz it would explain a lot if you were really def. no disrespect! just curious

  4. Nathan says

    I agree with you, Canada’s entry is boring… to @Dude – you are the one who is stupid…. wow your stupid!!!!

  5. kelley says

    go CANADA!!!!!!!!!!! even though i didnt watch hahaha!!

  6. Catya says

    Canada is nice but Japan is Better. Way Way Better!

  7. gnay says

    i agree canada is boring and japan is so much better. i bet japan will be included in top 3

  8. hayyyyyy.... says

    you can watch canada’s performance here:


    and yeah they did start slow and boring, but watch their performance on the 7th minute of the video. synchronization with the music was close to perfect, unlike japan..

    canada’s performance was way better in my opinion..

    sorry but japan didnt have a video unlike canada did. goes to show how much better canada’s performance was 😀

  9. tomomo says

    @gnay – lets let the judges decide 😀

    canada’s performance was better for me too

    they did start slow but did finish with a bang, performance was graceful. which i rather wanted to see that japans overbudgeted fireworks

  10. reflectionsofearth says

    I also liked Canada’s show better, Japan’s show was very dangerous,although it was good too… they had too many dangerous moments in the show, that’s not acceptable…

  11. melo says

    @Dude – one of the benefits of blogging is having the ability to share your thoughts, opinions and personal recommendations to everyone…. Some may not agree…. I guess I just dont CARE!!!

    Japan for me is Better… Peace everyone:)

  12. dude says

    melo – “one of the benefits of blogging is having the ability to share your thoughts, opinions and personal recommendations to everyone”

    @melo – uhm, so why did you delete tazzy’s comment? when he was just trying to share his own thoughts? or is it because he proved you were wrong? cant accept that huh?

    im probably just wasting my time typing this, pretty sure your gonna delete this post as well. peace be with you too 😀

  13. melo says

    @dude – you and tazzy’s IP ADDRESS is one and the same and it has the same subjective tone as well… Are you one and the same?

    Yes we are free to share our thoughts but rude comments just like yours doesnt really help at all.

    You can simply say “I believe Canada is better than Japan” with your own reason why you believe so without saying stup%d words….

    you need to go to your church and try to reflect… peace:)

  14. dude says

    @melo- uhm…. i had already told you that i was also tazzy before… ahhh right! you deleted the post 😀 nice acting job 😀 well i guess you also should go to church for lying… maybe we should both go together 😀 peace 😀

    and for the record.. tazzy’s (my) comment never insulted you, it just stated the truth.. you just couldn’t accept a mistake.. next time, try to 😀 it would feel better 😀 you didnt even thank the person who corrected you… tsktsk!!!

    and yah ok dude’s comment was a little harsh on you, sorry bout that, i just hated that you used the word “boring” on canada, when it was not, guess i let my emotions get the best of me. my apologies

  15. dude says

    my prayers go to japan.. stay strong, we’ll get through this disaster..

  16. dude says

    Grats to China, UK, and Japan!!! 😀

    And to the people responsible for Philippines pyro performance.. you guys made us proud.. 😀

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