Island Hopping in Cebu with Islands Banca Cruise

One of my readers got confused about island hopping… she asked “How can you go to an island and do island hopping? Aren’t you stuck on the island?” – It’s a fair question if you’ve never been to Cebu. Cebu is so much more than an island. More like a small continent surrounded by few beautiful islands.  If Cebu were a planet it would be a planet like Jupiter that has many moons around it that are actually bigger than most planets. Do you see what I mean?

cebu island hopping
Pandanon Island in Bohol

All I ‘m trying to say is that Cebu is a great place to base yourself if you plan on doing some island hopping while you are in the Philippines. Not only is Cebu a great island to explore, filled with resorts and plenty to do, but since it is a major international city and a hub of the Philippines it means you can pretty much go to wherever you want to go from Cebu!

Getting Ready for Island Hopping
Getting Ready for Island Hopping

Cebu was once before known and marketed internationally as “An Island in the Pacific” and surprisingly some foreighners that time who visited Cebu doesnt even know that the island is part of the Philippines.

Welcome Aboard
Welcome Aboard

Radisson Blu Cebu actually offers an Island Hopping Tour which begins at Mactan Island on the northeast side of Cebu. Mactan is reachable by road so even though we island hopped, we won’t count that as part of the tour.

Islands Banca Cruise Staffs
Islands Banca Cruise Staffs

Now, let me warn you, most island hopping cruises are on small pump boats or maybe worn down cruisers but the one we had was something totally different. Big deck, bean bags, comfy chairs, iPod dock so we could pick our own music and the rest is total luxury. When I saw the boat, I knew I was in for something great.

Lunch Break
Lunch Break

Radisson Blue Cebu staff loaded up refreshments and as I watched the boxes and bails come on board, I knew I would probably gain a few pounds – with pleasure I might add. As we motored, I wasn’t forced to stare at the empty sea. I used the onboard wi-fi while I sat in the cabin munching fresh fruit. The boat holds up to thirty people – comfortably I might add… Haha

Planking in Cebu City
Planking in Cebu City

This was a small island hop since we had plans at the Radisson Blu Cebu for the mid-afternoon. So we went to Gilutungan Marine Sanctuary where we had an incredible snorkeling adventure and then we went all the way to Pandanon Island which is already part of Bohol. The awesome Cebuano crew and amazingly luxurious banca made this an afternoon of island hopping that I will certainly never forget.

Want to experience island hopping in Cebu? Take the islands with you! Heres the contact information of Islands Banca Cruise : Telephone: (+63 32) 236 4896(+63.32) 516.1903Mobile: (+63.917) 6300.736 Email: Web: YM Chat:   Twitter Account: @islandsbanca

  1. JL Mainit says

    Hi Sir Melo!

    Sunny Greetings from Islands Banca Cruises!

    Thanks for the wonderful feature of Islands Banca Cruises on your blog! Hope you can join us again till our next cruise. 🙂

  2. melo says

    @JL – thanks for the warm welcome and hope to see you guys again:)

  3. Nina says

    Hi Melo!

    I was in Cebu a few weeks ago. Stayed in Islands Hotel and booked island hopping to Nalusuan and Pandanon with Islands Banca Cruise. We loved their white boat with a refreshing splash of orange! We also hired a massage therapist and enjoyed the cruise. I highly recommend it to those planning their trip to Cebu. Zubuchon One Mango Place is the must-try resto. Tony Bourdain said it best in his No Reservations Philippines episode, Zubuchon is “the best pig ever!”

    1. melo says

      Oh words are not enough to describe our wonderful experience in Cebu… food, islands and the hospitable people is Cebu’s magic… I will go back soon:)

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