Travel Blogging for Newbies

Choosing Travel as your topic is actually the important first step you need to make before you jumpstart. Now comes the hard part. You have to figure out the details of your own travel blog. Travel blogs are among the most popular types of niche blog on the net and the sad truth is that most travel bloggers are unsuccessful at it. The reason? They don’t think about the important things to do before they start writing.

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Travel Blogging for Newbies

First of all, sit down and figure out what your blog is about. Are you writing about a specific trip or about travel in general? Are you going to focus on Festivals, Diving, Hotel Reviews, Backpacking, Luxury Travel or maybe anything that involves your bag, camera and itchy feet?

Think creatively and come up with a name for your blog. Even though you might think your content is more important than your title, you are wrong. The title of your travel blog is the first thing people will see. Your blog title will cause a split second decision on the part of readers on whether to click on your blog or go somewhere else.

As such, keep your title relevant to what you are writing about. If you are writing about your personal journeys, make that clear in your title. Use your name. Katy’s Travels is much better than something cute or existential that misses the point such as ‘Tikaty’ or Katy Katy Katy Feet. Be specific in your title. Don’t worry about being boring and worry instead about being clear, It would be confusing if your domain is but your content is all about all inclusive ski holiday deals.

Next, think about who you are writing for. Many newbie bloggers like to say they are writing for everyone, but the truth is that if you are just starting – writing for everyone may not help you get your initial avid fanbase / readers. Think about your demographic. Are you writing for girls who travel alone? Are you writing for retirees? Are you writing for backpackers? Are you writing for foodies? All of this will help you to determine the tone of your writing and which stories to focus on.

If you are a newbie, it is important that you focus on writing about tips and ideas that you can easily share and make sure that the article is factual. After you have figured out these essentials, it’s time to start considering which blogging platform is going to work best for you. You can use a hosted blog such as those at blogger or or you can buy your own domain and hosting and operate completely independently.

For a hosted blog, there are usually restrictions on advertising or content and if you want to have a unique domain ( vs you must pay extra fees. For those who want a minimum of technical requirements, a hosted blog is the choice and for those who want unlimited freedom to advertise, write, or do technical modifications to the code to enhance the blogs look and feel – self hosted is the way to go.

Finally, create your blog and start writing. To get readers for your blog there are Four golden rules.

  • Travel
  • Write good and unique content
  • Become part of the blogging community
  • Stick to your topic and write about what you know.

That’s the basics. You can now start your travel blogging and by following these tips you will be ahead of the vast majority of travel blogging newbies.
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