Cebu Ranked 8th Best Island in Asia by Conde Nast Readers

Every day it seems another international travel magazine is recognizing the beauty and rich rewards of time spent in the Philippine Islands. This time it is the readers of the international travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler who have pointed out the Philippines Oldest City as a top destination. The readers voted Cebu as one of the top island destinations in Asia placing in the top ten at number 8! The reason is obvious, Cebu has some of the best, most affordable, most scenic resorts in the world!

sumilon island in cebu
Sumilon Island in Cebu

With beaches, resorts, some incredible cities and a coastline that offers all the pleasures of an island with all the convenience of a major metropolitan area nearby. Of course, Cebu’s interior is not to be missed either since visitors or residents can enjoy such activities as golf, horseback riding, world class tennis, water sports, and of course lots and lots of hiking!

guitar maker cebu
Guitar Maker in Cebu

Through the years, Cebu has slowly moved up the rankings in surveys like the Conde Nast reader survey as more people have discovered what an incredible holiday destination this is! The other destinations singled out by the readers were spread throughout Asia starting with Thailand’s famous Koh Samui at number ten and the very awesome Malaysian resort island of Langkawi at number nine. These rounded out the top ten.

cebu visita iglesia
Visita Iglesia in Cebu

Finishing ahead of Cebu were Mauritius at number seven and Luzon (no surprise there) at the number six position. Not bad to have two of the top ten island destinations in Asia in the Philippines.

The top five were Malaysian Borneo at number five while gorgeous Seychelles as the 4th most voted island holiday destination. At number three was Thailand’s Phuket which readers said was a wonderful holiday resort island. Bali, of course, had to make the list at number two and the top island destination in Asia was a bit of a surprise this year since it was the Maldives. Beautiful islands that are hot on everyone’s radar.

We wish to offer congratulations to Cebu and Luzon for inclusion in this prestigious listing. If you are interested in visiting Cebu, you have the choice of hundreds of resorts!
  1. helenacampo says

    Cheers! to all the Cebu beach resorts for making Cebuano’s proud and proving that our beaches are world class quality. Cheers! to the beach capital of the Philippines. 🙂

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