Beach life reimagined with the opening of Inflatable Island in Subic Bay, Zambales

Beach lovers in the Philippines are set for an exciting experience when the Inflatable Island opens in 2017. Final details about the entire project will be released by February 2017. However, significant information about the much anticipated Inflatable Island floating park in Subic Bay, Zambales has already been made available.

inflatable Island Water Theme Park
inflatable Island Water Theme Park

Here’s what we know so far:

Biggest floating park in Asia

Inflatable Island will not only rival but also surpass any other floating water parks in all of Asia. The entire park has about 3,420 square meters. This is equivalent to the area covered by eight basketball courts.

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Floating Waterpark in Subic
Floating Waterpark in Subic

A variety of beach sports and activities

Visitors to Inflatable Island can expect nothing but the ultimate beach experience. There is a wide array of gaming options and fun activities on offer. The park features slides, swings trampolines, and fun walkway ladders. For those who enjoy a little challenge, there is a rock climb iceberg. People may want to visit the 10 meters high Tarzan swing or get launched by the 9 meter Human Launcher canon. There are many other fun and team-building activities designed to make a visit to the park a truly memorable one.

Inflatable Island Map
Inflatable Island Map

Onshore experience

The Inflatable Floating Playground experience extends to the onshore where visitors get welcomed to an exclusive lounge with unique drinks and a Bali-inspired cuisine.

Open to all

Inflatable Island is open to people of various ages and walks of life. The park is designed to offer an unforgettable family experience. Anyone with a height of 3.5 feet and above is welcome in the park.

Inflatable Island Entrance Fees
Inflatable Island Entrance Fees

Rates and opening times

Customers can access Inflatable Water Theme Park any time between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm. Those that choose the morning pass can spend time in the park between 8:00 am and 11:50 am, while the afternoon pass is between 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm. The park offers discounted rates for visitors who go as a group. Due to the high number of people interested in visiting the park, booking early at is advisable.

Inflatable Island in Subic Bay
Inflatable Water park in Subic Bay

Life on the beach can offer endless possibilities for beach goers. The numerous sporting activities and other fun activities attract a large number of fun seekers to the beaches. With Inflatable Waterpark, beachgoers can take the adventure to the next level.

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