Ilog Malino Beach Resort – An Affordable Place to Stay in Bolinao Pangasinan

My trip to Bolinao was actually unplanned, It was just a random selection from my bucket list. After an hour of researching online, I finally got a confirmed reservation at Ilog Malino Beach Resort. An hour after, I found myself inside a non-aircon Victory Liner Bus en route to Bolinao Pangasinan.  What  I love about being a full-time travel blogger is having time freedom, I can go anywhere I want so long as my resources permits.

Affordable Place to stay in Bolinao
Affordable Place to stay in Bolinao

If you love to travel all across the world and explore every bit of nature, regardless of the popularity of the place, then you should visit Bolinao in Pangasinan – the “Hidden Jewel of the North”. Although, this place is not that popular as a tourist destination, it is no less than a paradise on the earth.

Cottages in Ilog Malino Beach Resort
Cottages in Ilog Malino Beach Resort

It has got diverse landscape and you can see them together on the beaches, itself. On one side you will find rugged boulders where the waves come and crash violently, and on the other, you will find the peaceful stretches of blues and whites. It’s a six hour journey from Manila via bus – it may take forever to reach this piece of paradise but who cares?

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Ilog Malino Beach Resort
Ilog Malino Beach Resort

Why stay in Ilog Malino Beach Resort?

Here you will find a number of hotels and resorts, both high end and economical. So, you can choose one according to your planning. As far as, budget accommodations are concerned, one of the best options you have is Ilog Malino Beach Resort. It is a family owned resort located in Brgy. Ilog Malino. If you are looking for an exceptional Oceanside retreat, then you should book your stay here at Ilog Malino Beach Resort.

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Ilog Malino Beach Resort’s main features

• 20 air-conditioned rooms include all basic amenities
• 2 Kubos (bamboo huts) for a completely new experience.
• Sea facing rooms for a visual retreat for every visitor.
• Different accommodation options for families, business groups and individuals.
• Spacious hall room with the capacity of accommodating, as many as, 150 people. Ideal for parties and corporate functions.
• Swimming pool for relaxation.
• Affordable prices (might differ from season to season) that will not reap you off.
• Custom made tours and excursions that include most of the tourist destinations of Bolinao.

These are some of the main features of Ilog Malino Beach Resort. However, in order to enjoy your stay here, it is advisable for you to make an advance booking. This is because, it is one of the popular resorts of Bolinao that offers affordable rates and everyone wants to stay here.

Swimming Pool at Ilog Malino Beach Resort
Swimming Pool at Ilog Malino Beach Resort

In case you didn’t make a reservation in advance and after coming here you found that they are full, then alas, you will have to try somewhere else. So, when you plan your trip to Bolinao, call them in advance to book hotel rooms, as well and enjoy your stay in any of the sea facing rooms you want.

What are the main tourist attractions of Bolinao?

Though each and every bit of Bolinao is a visual delight, but there are some must visit places that you should not miss out. Here goes the list – The Patar Rock Beach, three amazing caves, Enchanted Cave, Wonderful and Cindy’s, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, Parish Church, a 400 years old Catholic Church, The Balingasay River, Bolinao Falls, and many more.

Bolinao has so much to offer, explore the place as much as you can. This destination is still untouched by modernization, one of the reasons why this place is so relaxing, serene and exceptionally beautiful.

  1. Van de Leon says

    Dear posters,don’t mislead readers.Describe exactly the beach– If the sand is white , make sure it is white–Example -1.sand in Patar Beach is NOT white-It is light golden brown;Water is clear-yes–: you can walk bare feet;not stony on the shore-YES; waves are low-YES !–Safe to kids you-yes-;no sudden drop-yes; 2.Hundred island-Stony at bottom use-aqua shoe ,a must- sharp stones,shells and corals at the botttom-Snorkelling -Not ideal-very FEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW fish-All baches in Pangasinan– NOT a LOT of FISH–not ideal for snorkelling;you will be frustrated; 3.Cabalitian Island- litters here and there but few- crystal clear water powdery white sand-yes-no sharp stones or corals-barefoot strolling ok–Snorkelling ?- almost NO FISH– 4. tondol Beach,Anda .Very very very powdery whit sand-very very very safe to kids-no sudden drop;just 1 foot wave;No stones or sharp corals;you can go bare feet but not on the island across the beach-use aqua shoe–NO FISH– Useless to snorkel !!! 5.Tambobong Beach,Burgos;USE ONLY SUV-not car;White sand powdery-crystal clear water;cool sand-can stroll beac barefeeet -small wave;no sudden drop-safe to kids speacially the portion infront of Matabang BEach Resort;1 foot wave-I like it- 3x i been here– !!- 6.Cabaltian Island-Burgos- wear aqua shhoes- white sand crystal clear water-small wave -one foot height wave- white sand-crsystal clear water-safe to stroll along the shore not stony-cool sand—————————ALL BEACHES IN PANGASINAN–very few to almost none fish-USELESS to snorkel !!

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