Romblon Series: Looc Bay Marine Refuge And Sanctuary

More than just taking a break, one of the reasons why we explore road less traveled destinations is to find heavenly spots to sweep us off our feet. There are few places in the country that just melt away our hearts, like the sand melting away in deep blue waters but our soul keeps on wanting something different.

Looc Romblon Port
Looc Romblon Port

Looc Bay Marine Refuge And Sanctuary may not be completely unique as Ive seen several marine sanctuaries in the country before but the idea of being far-far away made this place truly a special one.

Located on the shores of the Looc Bay, Looc is a small town on Tablas Island, which is part ot the Romblon province. Tablas Island is about 9 hours ferry ride from the famous Batangas port. Apart from the exotic beach experience, Looc offers the rare collection of marine creatures, which is a real treat to the senses.

Looc Bay Marine Refuge And Sanctuary
Looc Bay Marine Refuge And Sanctuary

After a 10 minutes boat ride from Looc port, we finally reached the floating kiosk located at the middle of Looc Bay. Its like a small pontoon, with a small opening in the middle that serves as a viewing deck for those who wants to see the colorful marine life without swimming outside the kiosk.

There is also a beautiful lighthouse located few meters from the floating kiosk. Located in the middle of the Looc Bay, this lighthouse dates back to World War II. The Looc Bay Marine Refuge and Sanctuary is a joint step ahead, taken by the local government, the Baywatch forces and the Fishermen organization to conserve Looc’s marine resources.

The 48-hectare coral reef protected area hosts numerous species of tropical reef fishes, corrals-hard and soft, seabirds, eels, octopus and picturesque sea grass beds. There’s a breathtaking view of hundreds of colorful giant calms’ pieces, which regenerate naturally.

Looc Marine Sanctuary
Looc Marine Sanctuary

The sanctuary has a floating raft made of bamboo. However, the raft trips are scheduled and don’t take place on a to-and-fro basis. Apart from that, there are provisions for deep sea diving and snorkeling. You could also experience the fun of fish feeding.

There’s a lot more this small bay town has to offer:

  • The Looc Bay Sea Scape – Not to miss, are the pristine beaches with a breathtaking view of the sunset. This would be one memento you’ll carry from this place.
  • Bungan-Bungan Cave – A short trekking experience, combined with the company of splendid rock formation.
  • Lumbia Waterfalls- A place to swim in the fresh waters on a sea shore is a real treat. To add to the experience is the beautiful vegetation. There’s a 25 minute scintillating trekking for adventure travelers along the lush green mountains.
  • Buenavista marine reserve and sanctuary – If you want to avoid the little rules of the official sanctuary, this place will give you an easy and raw view of the marine life.

There’s much more to experience than we think there is. You get to know how little you know only when you spend more time exploring far-flung places. Spending a week long vacation in Romblon will allow you to realize one thing.. The province of Romblon is one of the most underrated tourism attraction in the Philippines.

Looc Bay Marine Refuge And Sanctuary Tourism Contact Info:
Mayor Leila Arboleda
Email: [email protected]
Susan Noche
Email: [email protected]

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