How to Prevent Altitude Sickness

Do you love to visit places with cold temperature like Baguio City, Kathmandu in Nepal or Lake Sebu in the Southern Philippines but you cant enjoy it due to altitude sickness?

baguio city
Afternoon in Baguio City

Higher altitudes can be distressing, sickening and hard to cover for several amongst us. In order to deal efficiently and seamlessly with high altitude destinations one can keep the following pointers in mind:

tuba benguet
Road to Tuba Benguet

  • Before climbing the higher altitudes or while traveling in the car one should ensure that they are not traveling with empty stomach. Traveling to higher altitude places with poor or no appetite can cause dizziness or breathing problem.
  • One should concentrate on hydrating their body a lot often and in regular span of time. One should also keep mineral water close to their bed while sleeping since cold temperature will make you urinate more often.
  • Bring sweet pastries is a good relief and it can help you prevent higher altitude sickness. Eating high carbohydrate foods such as grains, pastas and breads can also help you avoid the symptoms.
  • It is essential to sleep regularly while moving up to the higher altitude levels (but not of course while trekking:).

In order to prevent high altitude sickness, make sure to bring medicines prescribed by your doctor. Popular Medicines that can help you prevent or treat the symptoms of severe high-altitude illness include acetazolamide (one brand name: Diamox) and nifedipine (one brand name: Procardia).

morning in baguio
Morning in Baguio

One can easily prevent high altitude sickness through proper administration and ensuring to have followed the smarter advice in the discussed pointers above.

Get going and enjoy traveling:)
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