Accidents Or Holiday Sickness While Traveling Abroad: What Do You Need To Do?

Holiday Injuries

How to Deal With Illness and Injury While Traveling Overseas

(Manila, Philippines) Your supposedly happy vacation can quickly be ruined when an accident happens. Falling sick or getting hurt can be a scary prospect, especially if you are in foreign lands. When an accident occurs, it may leave you confused and out of money once you’re trying to fix the problem.

Dealing with injurity or holiday sickness while traveling abroad
Dealing with injury or holiday sickness while traveling abroad

Although the number of fake holiday claims is increasing, when there is a genuine emergency, it can be very difficult to know what to do.

When you are in such cases, there are a number of things that you need to accomplish: From taking photos of the incident, speaking to your hotel or accommodation and keeping all the transaction slips and receipts. If you are facing an accident or holiday sickness, here are the number of things you need in order to file a claim.

Holiday Claims for Accidents and Illness Abroad
Holiday Claims for Accidents and Illness Abroad

Report The Incident Immediately

Making sure that everything goes into records will solve the problem immediately.

You have to ask for the incident to be recorded into an accident book and should include the time and the date of the accident, what happened, as well as the injuries you are suffering from.

Making a report of the accident will make sure that it is less likely to be discredited. Some of the most common holiday illnesses and accidents include food poisoning, bacterial infections, norovirus, and road accidents.

Holiday Injuries
Holiday Injuries

If the accident happened in your hotel or accommodation, report it to the manager too.

You also need to alert your holiday insurer to be able to file a claim back. Never travel without getting yourself insured. Choosing to travel without travel insurance will put yourself at risk with huge costs.

Keep the Receipts
Keep the Receipts

Keep All the Documents And Receipts On Hand

Filing a claim is easier if you have all the information about what happened.

After requesting for the accident to be on records, ask for a copy of the report. You also need to keep the receipts of the taxi to and from the hospital or doctor, the medications you purchased, and all the paperwork from the hospital.

If the accident is caused by a wet floor, broken step or vehicular collision, take photos too.

Holiday Sickness And Accident Claims
Holiday Sickness And Accident Claims

Do Your Research

The same accident that you are suffering from may have already happened to someone else — it means that it is a bigger problem and gives strength to a later case.

Ask the manager or accommodation owner to establish whether or not someone already had the same accident before. Get as many pieces of evidence as possible to prove that the accident occurred.

Claiming compensation for something that happened while you are abroad may seem daunting, but if you have complete documentation of everything, there is nothing to worry about. It is also important to choose travel insurance that provides complete coverage like Your Legal Friend, that covers you wherever part of the world you are.

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