Outland Adventure Xcelerator Zip Line in Davao

Who hasn’t dreamt of flying like their favorite superhero? It is now possible as I found out in Davao Outland Adventure.

Outland Adventure is located on a private nature reserve only 10 minutes away from downtown Davao City. It houses the longest and fastest zip line in Asia called the Xcelerator Zip line as well as the largest ropes course in the Philippines.

Enjoying the ride (Photo courtesy of Lyle Santos)

We arrived in the place few minutes after having a wonderful breakfast at Avenida Restaurant. After waiting for the rest to arrive, we just signed the waiver and paid the entrance fee before heading straight to the put-in area for the orientation and to fix our harness.

I was a little bit apprehensive to try the Xcelerator but I decided to try it out after learning that their equipments and facilities are the only US-certified zip line in the country. Every part of the Xcelerator has a secure backup system of safety gears which guarantees the safety of each and every rider. After a short downhill walk, the adventure began as we boarded a wooden raft that was to take us across a river. Each of us basically have to stand on the raft while pulling the rope across the lake.

Crossing the River
Crossing the River

Once you get across, an uphill hike awaits for you. It took us almost 25 minutes to reach the top of the hill. Having no exercise and any trek for the longest time, the short uphill trek was a huge challenge for me.

We had a short rest in the Gazebo while cheering the first batch of riders. This is not my first time and I definitely have no fear of heights but for the first timers in the group, this activity is really more about conquering the fear of heights than anything else.

Uphill Trek
Uphill Trek

The staff was highly motivating though and seemed to know exactly what to say in order for you to want to keep going. Initially in the put-in, we were given the options on how we would like to experience the zip line. Drew and Ada chosed the more challenging way which entails being suspended in a superman pose while the rest of us chosed the easier one which allows us to experience the zipline by simply sitting. I was one of the last rider to take the challenge and I want it that way, I love to see how trilled they are before I conquer the mighty zip line.

DFAT 2010 Participants
DFAT 2010 Participants

At the beginning you find yourself flying downwards next to a cliff suspended almost 200 feet above the ground. It is absolutely amazing as the wind catches your breath not to mention the fantastic views of the lush green jungle below you. The pure adrenaline rush and incredible panoramic views are well worth the venture. In this ride, you will experience how it is like to be a bat without looking like one (LOL).

In Action : Video courtesy of Donna Mae Congson

Thinking about giving zip line adventure a shot? This activity is open in all weather condition but make sure to wear light and comfortable dry fit clothes. If you plan to visit the place with your friends and relatives, you can bring your own snack or lunch and take advantage of the free use of picnic tables. Refreshments are also available near the entrance.

Outland Adventure is open everyday from (8am to 5pm) except on Sundays and special holidays (1pm – 5 pm). More info? Checkout their website at http://www.outlandadventure.org or you may call +6382-2245855 and +6382-2716067.

Thanks to Avatar Media and Davao Outland Adventure for the wonderful experience!!

  1. leal.ken1 says

    Make your next vacation in Hawaii one to remember. Head over to Maui Ziplineand plan now for your session.

  2. yuli says

    i had fun watching the video! im from davao yet havent tried zip line boooooooooooooo! 🙂

  3. Boracay says

    Cool! This look really fun! Perfect for trail blazers and hikers and adventurers.. Nice post! 🙂

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