How to Keep Your House Safe When You’re Out Traveling

Whether it’s the holidays or you and your family are taking a vacation, your home is vulnerable to a burglary. People get burglarized every day, and it’s often due to a simple oversight by the homeowner. In order to avoid being a victim to this crime while you’re out on a holiday or vacation, take a few simple precautions to ensure your home is safe and sound.

House Call
House Security System

Keep it Off Social Media

With the rise of social media, one of the most common burglary reasons is due to a simple status update stating that you’re going out of town for a vacation. You might as well stick a sign on your door that says, “We won’t be home for a week. Feel free to break into our home.” Just like you wouldn’t advertise it on your home, don’t advertise it on the web.

Get Someone to Housesit

A great way to avoid burglary while traveling is to get someone to housesit. Burglars often case a home before breaking into it. If they see that someone is consistently going in and out of the home, you’ll be less likely to fall victim to a burglary. Find someone your trust and ask if they’d be willing to stay at your home for the week. Stock the kitchen for them and give them a bit of money too so they’ll be more inclined to say yes.

Buy a Home Security System

A strong home security system is another great way to avoid getting robbed while you’re away from home. If you have a set schedule, you don’t necessarily have to be traveling far for a burglar to come attack your home. A home security system like those offered by Vivint is a great way to keep your home safe.

Tell Your Neighbors or a Friend

If no one is available to housesit and you can’t afford a home security system, another way to avoid burglary is to request that a friend or neighbor watches out for the house while you’re gone. This isn’t the most efficient way, but it will keep activity going at your house, which will likely keep the burglars away.

You can keep your home safe while you’re traveling. While unforeseen things happen and there’s no way to ever be 100% secure from these sorts of intrusions, these simple tips will make you far more secure than those who ignore it. Whether you get a top-notch security system from a company like Vivint or you get your best friend to stay there for a week, your home will be far more secure and you can rest well while you are on vacation. That said, why not avoid having someone sleep in your home for a week.

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