List of Recommended Health Centers in Manila

Most Trusted Health Centers in Metro Manila

Health Centers in Manila

Health Centers in Manila

It’s the first day of another lockdown and you might be feeling antsy about the status of your health. One day you’re feeling normal and the next day you feel like there’s something amiss in your body. If you think about it, the saying “health is wealth” has a deeper meaning now more than ever.

Health Centers in Manila
Health Centers in Manila

When you feel under the weather, don’t wait for the worst to happen. Moreover, refrain from consulting Google because the hodgepodge of information can be overwhelming. Some references might not even be reliable. The best way is to consult the experts so you can get the proper medical treatment if needed.

If you aren’t enthusiastic about visiting a hospital, then you can just have yourself checked in a health center near you. Consider health centers as mini hospitals with general practitioners and nurses sans the in-patient service. You can avail of health care services from general checkups to swab testing to dental services.

Here we provided a cheat sheet (in no particular order) for the best health centers around Metro Manila. As a general rule, always make sure to call ahead of time and schedule your visit so you can make the most of your time out of the house. Of course, don’t forget to wear all the protective gear because after all, a health center is still a public space.

Mayon Clinical Laboratory And Laboratory Services

Mayon Clinical Laboratory And Laboratory Services
Mayon Clinical Laboratory And Laboratory Services

Address: 857 Lot, 3 Mayon St, La Loma, Quezon City, 1114 Metro Manila
Phone: (02) 8708 3520
Visit their Facebook Page

Located in M Place Mall in South Triangle, Panay Avenue, Quezon City, this health center is the place to visit if you want affordable healthcare services. When you go inside this health center, you will notice how brightly lit and clean the surroundings are. Check their Facebook page regularly to stay updated with their schedule.

“Done with my third-time swab test in this lab. The staff is nice and accommodating. The process was smooth and hassle-free,” one client said.

Best Diagnostic Center

Best Diagnostic Corporation
Best Diagnostic Corporation

Mobile: 0917-718-8905

Do you need a routine check-up for lipoprotein profile, creatinine, or blood uric acid? Make a beeline for Best Diagnostic Center in Masikap Extension in Quezon City to get tested without breaking the bank. The health center also offers home services for their swab testing. Celebrity Jessy Mendiola-Manzano and beauty queen Ariella Arida have trusted their home testing services.

Best yet, you can have yourself tested just by driving through. This August, they offer promo rates for RT-PCR, antigen swab test, and neutralizing antibody test. They are accredited by the Department of Health so their results are recognized as work and travel documents.

Healthway Family Clinic

Healthway Philippines
Healthway Philippines

Address: Lot-II-a-2 Block 4019 Earnshaw street corner San Anton Street, Sampaloc, Manila
Mobile: 09178308208
Landmark: Near Liana’s Supermarket

Healthway is one of the most prominent health centers in the country because it has a large network of clinics in the country. Healthway has many branches in Metro Manila as well as other parts of the country such as Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal. What makes this health center special is its teleconsultations under The Full Circle of Care campaign. Teleconsultations are convenient more so for those who are wary of stepping out of the house.

Also part of their services are physical therapy for personalized physical rehabilitation; dengue watch for the early detection of the dreaded dengue fever; diabetes package where they do screening and early detection of the said disease; and hypertension package for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Healthway doctors can also detect the signs of infection like fever and fatigue and provide adequate treatment.

Lastly, they have a patient portal where medical records can be easily accessed anytime and anywhere.

Aventus Medical Care

Aventus Medical Care
Aventus Medical Care

Address: 301 3/F Comfoods Bldg. Sen. Gil Puyat cor. Chino Roces, Makati City
Telephone: +63-2-8840-0588

If you have a health card from your company, you might as well visit Aventus. Aventus is a chain of out-patient clinics that deliver occupational health, patient care, and productivity-enhancing wellness to companies. Aventus offers different packages in their Covid-19 Home Health Program for healthcare services that are easy on the pocket. As they have many branches across the country, it’s best to visit the clinic’s Facebook page frequently to stay updated with their operating hours.

They also offer home health services for vaccinations, ultrasound, and laboratory services.

“Aventus Medical Care Inc. provides excellent home medical service. They are prompt in their responses and always cordial despite communications are done through email which other clinics would tend to ignore,” said one client who left a comment on Aventus’ Facebook page.


Maintaining your health during these days is a priority. It’s best to lead a healthy lifestyle and work on making the immune system strong. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula for staying healthy but are some tried-and-tested tips to staying in tip-top shape:

  • Sleep right – We know that working from home can strain your sleep hours. However, getting enough hours of sleep is important as this is the time when the body recovers from all the activities during the day.
  • Exercise when you can — Getting a sweat session will keep you happy and healthy. Who doesn’t want that, right? It doesn’t have to be strenuous at all — just move around when you can to get the blood flowing and your muscles working.
  • Eat right — It’s tempting to binge on junk food especially when there’s so much stress and anxiety. However, consuming the right food such as vegetables and fruits should be the nutrition goal.

Stay healthy

When you take the extra steps to maintain your body’s health, you will reap the rewards of fending off sicknesses. Having regular checkups is one way of taking care of yourself and the people around you.

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