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Guide To Canada’s Most Famous And Oldest Hotels


JustFly’s Guide To Canada’s Most Famous And Oldest Hotels

Founded in 1867, Canada is not the oldest country. At just 148 years old, Canada has been on the fast track to try and catch up to the history of both its southerly neighbour, the United States, and its spiritual Godparents, Great Britain and France. With that being said, Canada has a history that reaches back 100’s of years as settlements of both Great Britain and France. Fast forward to today, and Canada is a modern nation, free of British or French rule and thriving. One of Canada’s strongest industries is tourism.

The Omni King Edward Hotel
The Omni King Edward Hotel

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Whether it be the beauty of British Columbia in the West, the husky metropolis of Toronto in Ontario, or the history of Montreal and Quebec City in the East, Canada has a lot to offer to people who are looking to see the world. JustFly keeps track of travel trends in Canada and routinely releases updates outlining Canadian travel habits. Using the latest JustFly review, I decided to take a look at some of Canada’s most famous hotels.

The Omni King Edward Hotel

Built in 1903, The Omni King Edward Hotel is a fixture of downtown Toronto’s, JustFly’s most traveled Canadian destination, business district. Considered a luxury hotel, this 18 floor hotel had what was considered at the time of its construction to be one of the fanciest ballrooms in all of Canada. This ballroom was unfortunately closed in the 1950s due to strict fire codes deeming the room unsafe. Under new ownership in 2013, Omni has made reopening this ballroom a priority. The hotel continues to operate to this day, with 298 functioning rooms remaining in service.

Hotel Vancouver

Hotel Vancouver Oldest Hotels
Hotel Vancouver Oldest Hotels

The third such Hotel in Vancouver, Hotel Vancouver was built in 1939 after the second hotel was converted into a military barracks and eventually demolished. Besides hosting countless travellers, the hotel also served as home base for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporations Vancouver Bureau until the 1970s. The hotel remains in operation, featuring 556 rooms. Vancouver is JustFly’s second most traveled Canadian destination

Chateau Frontenac


Perhaps the most famous hotel in Canada, Chateau Frontenac is a fixture of the Quebec City skyline. Originally built in 1893, this chateau has gone over several facelifts but remains in operation, featuring over 600 rooms amongst its 18 historic floors. Fact, the Chateau Frontenac is considered to be the most photographed hotel in the world and was used for the filming of Alfred Hitchcock’s I Confess in 1953.



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