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Hotel Review: Buccament Bay Resort Part 3

Buccament Bay Resort Review – Part 3

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In this final portion of my review, I will share with you my dining experiences, my personal views about the quality of the resort’s customer service and lastly, very useful and detailed travel tips for future guests.

Buccament Bay Resort Food at Buccament Bay Resort
Food at Buccament Bay Resort

Food Quality

After booking this all-inclusive package from the travel agency, I had exactly 6 weeks to shed off some pounds so I could successfully fit in to my swimsuit. In preparation, I did Zumba workouts religiously, almost every day until the day of our departure from Trinidad. Just merely thinking that it is going to be like an “eat all you can/drink all you can experience” made me crazy. I didn’t want to come unprepared so I made sure that I have enough space in my tummy to accommodate all the food that I want to eat and be able to try a little bit of everything.

Coconut Prawns - Pre-lunch Bites Courtesy of The Bay Beach Club
Coconut Prawns – Pre-lunch Bites Courtesy of The Bay Beach Club

My first 24 hours in the resort was beyond my understanding. It was unbelievable! Let me tell you why. We checked in at Buccament Bay at around 5:30pm. Our last meal was around 12nn so my husband and I were feeling hungry already. So, for our first dinner, we asked Samuel of front desk to schedule us for 6:30. We just had enough time to rest a little and take a refreshing shower before going to Jack’s Steakhouse.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at Jack's Steakhouse
Enjoy a Romantic Dinner at Jack’s Steakhouse

It didn’t surprise me that we were the first guests at Jack’s that night. We were welcomed by the manager and were thoughtfully assisted by Keiron (I am not sure if I spelled his name correctly) throughout our dinner. This is not to exaggerate things but everything we ordered were tasting great, from the extensive collection of appetizers, to our choice of entrees, side dishes and cocktails. Their steaks were cooked into perfection. The meat was moist and tender and was bursting with flavor. We were so stuffed that we weren’t able to order dessert.

Chicken Brochette is a Must-Try Appetizer
Chicken Brochette is a Must-Try Appetizer

Breakfast and lunch are served at The Bay. I am very picky when it comes to food but I didn’t have any problem because there are a lot of options in the menu to choose from. Being 10,000 miles away from my home continent, I was so glad to see that they are also serving Asian cuisine from time to time. I tried Chili Pork and rice for lunch and surprisingly, it tasted like home. Kudos to the chef! I still wonder until now if he or she is Asian.

Jack's Walibou Pirate's Cove - Perfect Match for Your Steaks
Jack’s Walibou Pirate’s Cove – Perfect Match for Your Steaks

My Husband's Choice for Lunch at The Bay, Lamb Kebab
My Husband’s Choice for Lunch at The Bay, Lamb Kebab

Our favorite drinks while getting a tan - Pinacolada & Vodka Cranberry
Our favorite drinks while getting a tan – Pinacolada & Vodka Cranberry

The Bay Beach Club's Version of Chili Pork
The Bay Beach Club’s Version of Chili Pork

Still within the first 24-hour time-frame, we decided to take a dip in the pool after having our dessert in HQ. We had to go back to our villa to change and much to my surprise I had a hard time fitting in to my bathing suit. I find it highly inconceivable that in less than a day, I gained back the weight that I tried to lose for 6 weeks! Shaking my head in disbelief, I partly blamed the tempting and delectable dishes The Bay Na Jack’s served and of course, HQ’s heavenly and mouthwatering desserts. Every food I put in my mouth was sinfully good. I blame metabolism for the rest.

Customer Service

I worked in a customer service industry for more than 10 years and I think that makes me a little bit more credible when it comes to setting the standard between what is good and what is unsatisfactory. For Buccament Bay employees, all I can say is “Good job! Keep it up!” Managers, attendants and waiters never failed to greet us courteously with warm smiles on their faces. They made us feel at home and they are friendly at a professional level, particularly, the attendants by the swimming pool area for always having the initiative to ask us if we want to have another drink when they see that our glasses are half-empty. You see, the dramatic splendor of Buccament Bay is a promise but their outstanding customer service is what I call commitment.

Travel Tips

For future guests, here are some travel tips for you. I tried to make this as detailed as possible so you could maximize your tropical paradise experience.

#1) As I have mentioned in the 2nd part of my review, Buccament Bay Resort is a village-type resort so security could be a challenge. So, it’s best to always leave your doors and windows locked every time you want to go out of your villa. Use the provided digital safe in your room to keep your electronic gadgets, jewelries and money.

#2) Have some $5 and $10 bills handy for tipping purposes, especially if you need to request for some of their “special services” like probably having your cocktails delivered to your villa.

#3) If you want to sunbathe, try to come early to the pool area. Getting a spot or a beach umbrella could be a challenge because there are guests who prefer to stay by the beach all day. Well, you can’t really blame them because that part of the resort is so lovely and relaxing.

Lucky to Get Own Spot By the Pool
Lucky to Get Own Spot By the Pool

We didn’t get a good spot on our first day. However, on our 2nd day, we tried to reach there as early as 7:45am. Luckily, we still got the last spot or else, my husband would be mad at me for moving really slow because I was taking pictures on our way out of the village.

#4) I have also mentioned on the first part of my review that some essential toiletries are not provided by the hotel. So, make sure you bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion and other stuff. On the other hand, if you fail to bring these things with you, there’s a store near the pool area that sells beach clothes, medicines and some toiletries.

Overall Experience

In my point of view, a perfect tropical paradise experience should include turquoise waters and shimmering waves, idyllic white-sands, dramatic natural landscapes, sweet fresh air, delectable dishes and unlimited cocktails. This resort puts a check in all of these desires and more. With their reasonable price and great customer service, I believe that Buccament Bay (customer reviews) was able to fulfill their promise of a Caribbean 5-star experience.

Buccament Bay Resort (Book Online via Agoda)
Address: Buccament Bay, St Vincent 00000, St. Vincent & Grenadines
Phone: +1 784-457-4100

Written by Pinay in Trinidad

Anne Cacherell is a freelance writer who loves to write about inspiring and interesting stories for healthy public consumption. She is currently based in the twin tropical island paradise of Trinidad & Tobago.

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