Get Free Flights from GetGo lifestyle rewards program

GetGo: An Incredible New Rewards Program For Every Traveler

GetGo is giving away free flights! GetGo is the newest lifestyle rewards program in the country, and it gives everyone a way to easily enjoy free flights to international destinations through its “sign up now—fly for free” promo!

GetGo Lifestyle Rewards Program
GetGo Lifestyle Rewards Program

For twelve weeks, GetGo will draw five weekly winners of two round-trip tickets to Cebu Pacific international destinations—these are Singapore, Beijing, Dubai, Siam Reap, Nagoya, Jakarta, Xiamen, Taipei, Kota Kinabalu, Sydney, Bali and Phuket.

Any one who’s itching to pack their bags and go on an exciting trip for free can join the contest by simply visiting to sign up and activate their GetGo account. This will be going on until October 6, 2015—that’s plenty of time to grab this opportunity, and plenty of chances to be a winner!

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and join GetGo’s ”sign up now—fly for free” promo for a chance to discover the rewarding experience of flying for free. All those amazing places you’ve always been dreaming of visiting are just a few taps on the keyboard away.

Saving money on your flight means having extra cash to go shopping, try regional cuisines or book an even better place to stay. You have nothing to lose by signing up for the program, and everything to gain by winning flights and being informed about excellent new deals as soon as they’re available.

For more information on GetGo’s loyalty program and promos, visit, or call +632 71-GETGO (43846). The latest updates are also on GetGoPH’s official pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep yourself informed of the exciting surprises that await you, and get clicking! Who knows?

You may find yourself the lucky winner of an unexpected, exciting vacation this year!

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