Top Tips for Planning Your Underground River Tour

How to Find the best Puerto Princesa Underground River Tour Package

Palawan Underground River

How to Plan Your Underground River Tour

Ever since the Puerto Princesa Underground River became one of UNESCO’s New 7 Wonders of Nature, the site has been drawing thousands of local and international tourists. It does help that there are new hotels and other types of accommodations in Puerto Princesa available to cater to the increasing number of visitors in the city. However, only a limited number of people are accommodated at the Underground River each day. So going here on a whim, without any tour plans, wouldn’t be a good idea.

Puerto Princesa Underground River
Puerto Princesa Underground River

For the best possible Underground River experience, you need to carefully plan your trip by taking note of the following.

Ideal time to travel

Cove near the Underground River Entrance
Cove near the Underground River Entrance

When choosing a travel date, one of the most important factors to consider is the weather. Puerto Princesa’s dry season is from January to April while the wet season is from May to December. Scheduling your trip during the dry season is recommended, as the waves tend to be calmer and there are lesser chances that your trip would be canceled due to inclement weather.

Doing your homework

A well-planned trip calls for plenty of research about your destination, which has been made easy thanks to the wealth of information on the web. Read blogs of fellow travelers who recently visited Palawan to get ideas on where to stay in Puerto Princesa, what to eat, what to bring, and what side trips you can go on, among other things. Or check out reputable travel sites like Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor, or Virtual Tourist for recommendations and reviews.

Preparing your budget

wooden walkway to the Underground river
wooden walkway to the Underground river

Traveling can be costly. That’s why it helps to set a budget for the main expenses of your trip, including airfare, accommodation, food, tour permits, and entrance fees, and miscellaneous items like souvenirs. Some of these expenses are fixed, while others can be adjusted depending on how much you are comfortable spending on them.

Tour options

When visiting the Underground River, you can either get a tour package or go DIY. Package tours cost about P1,800 per person and is inclusive of all expenses, from transportation and the lunch buffet to tour guide fees. If you choose to plan your own tour instead, you can save as much as P600 to P900 as long as you’re resourceful and diligent.

Underground River of Puerto Princesa City
Underground River of Puerto Princesa City

For those with a tight budget and extra time to put together their own tour, the DIY route would be an excellent choice. But if you’d like to keep things simple and convenient, go for the tour package. The package rate is standard, so all you need to do is find an accredited travel agency in the city.


There are lots of hotels, inns, and pension houses in Sabang and in the city proper. Besides your budget, factor in your trip itinerary and tour schedule (as indicated on your permit) while choosing where to stay.

Booking your tickets

Once you have a travel plan and budget in place, you can finally book your flight!

Puerto Princesa Underground River
Puerto Princesa Underground River

Airfare may vary depending on the time of year. Since this will be one of your biggest trip expenses, make sure to compare prices across airlines to score the best deal.

Planning your trip to the Puerto Princesa Underground River need not be stressful. With these practical tips, you can put together your itinerary and budget fuss-free and look forward to an exciting and memorable tour.

Puerto Princesa Underground River Travel and Tour Packages

Puerto Princesa Underground River Day Tour

Puerto Princesa Underground River Day Tour Packages
Puerto Princesa Underground River Day Tour Packages
  • A day tour to this breathtaking location will take you through what is now named as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. After an early morning pick up, you’ll drive to Sabang Wharf before transferring by boat to the Underground River National Park.
  • The highlight of the tour remains as the guided paddle boat which will take you across the underground river.
  • For around 45 minutes, you’ll be able to explore this deep, cavernous river, and see the rock formations that have captured the imagination of the world.
  • Listen to your audio commentary or get insider knowledge from your boatman guide as he points out numerous fascinating features within the cave by torchlight.B

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