Halloween Festivities in Boracay Island

Amid a panorama of powdery white sand, clear blue sea and radiant sunset is Boracay’s highly-celebrated Halloween holiday.

Halloween Spooktacular pool party at White House Beach Resort photo by Jack Jarilla
Halloween Spooktacular pool party at White House Beach Resort photo by Jack Jarilla

On the recently concluded Halloween, people of all ages and all parts of the world came to participate in the series of events that were held on the island.

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Boracay's white beach before the Halloween festivities
Boracay’s white beach before the Halloween festivities

While Boracay Island normally attracts a horde of people on this long Halloween fest, this year proved to be extraordinary, extra special and very memorable.

Holidaying in the New Boracay

After six months of closure from tourist operations, holidaymakers arrived excited to experience the new and rehabilitated Boracay.

With the controlled number of daily tourist arrivals, people got to have a closer connection to the island’s not-so-populated white beach, as they relaxed on their picnic cloths or sarongs, instead of at the beds and chairs that were previously set up along the beach.

Trick or Treat parade goes on in D'mall.
Trick or Treat parade goes on in D’mall.

On the other, they got to appreciate the evening seaside ambiance, sensing the soft waves on the shore and the brilliant stars illuminating their path with the beach devoid of artificial lighting and toned down music streaming from beachfront establishments. “Just like in the old days”, as the old-timers attested.

Boracay Halloween Festivities

Boracay’s Haloween festivities usually last for three days, starting on the 30th of October until the 1st of November.

Butterfly Lady at Dos Mestizos Halloween Party. Photo by Jack Jarilla
Butterfly Lady at Dos Mestizos Halloween Party. Photo by Jack Jarilla

This year the first festive day was dedicated to the children through the island-based Boracay Kids Club organizing the annual Trick or Treat.

Despite the initially expected participants of 50 children, the annual kiddie event gathered double its number. Local children and their friends could not just miss out on dressing up in their favorite costumes and joining the parade for treats.

These colorfully dressed children assembled at Bom Bom Beach Bar, the annual event’s official starting venue. When all participants got in line according to their age groups, the trick or treat parade ensued, garnering treats from Pat’s Creek Bar and then at D’mall, the island’s open commercial center next door.

Most of D’mall’s establishments gave out sweet treats, sharing reopening bounties to the children. Some of these establishments were Cafe del Sol, Aria Ristorante Italiano, Lemoni Cafe, Footsie’s Spa, Titania Wine Bar, Jeepney Stop, Hama Japanese Restaurant, Thai Basil Restaurant, Here and Now Boutique and Ole Restaurant.

The event’s traditional awarding transpired at Bom Bom Bar upon the children’s return with bags full of treats. The awards, highlighted by the Best in Costume went to island children dressed up as Muertes Girl, Thor, and Scary Nun.

On the day of the Halloween itself, grand parties sparked up on the island’s major tourist spots. One was held at sunset time with tourists attending the Halloween Spooktacular pool party at White House Beach Resort on Station 1. Other parties that were well-attended by tourists and locals were held at Aplaya Beach Bar near D’mall, the backpackers party lodge Mad Monkey Hostel in Bulabog, and at Nigi Nigi Nu Noos e Nunu Noos beach restaurant in Station 2 with a live band hyping up the night.

Another much-awaited and highly-celebrated event in the island community is the one of Dos Mestizos Spanish Restaurant.

Tucked in an alley between Stations 2 and 3, locals and regular visitors from off the island came in their fabulous costumes to participate in the annual Halloween party and to celebrate the restaurant’s 14th anniversary.

Fun and dynamic locals who came in as Superman, Spiderman, a Scarecrow, a Mummy, a life-sized Butterfly, an elegant cockroach-infested lady, clowns, and other eye-catching characters partook in the restaurant’s anniversary offering of a Spanish buffet, selected from its delectable menu.

To name a few, there was the consistently-replenished Paella de Pato, Macaroni and a number of fresh-cooked Tapas.

Kiddie Halloween participants lined up for the Trick or Treat parade
Kiddie Halloween participants lined up for the Trick or Treat parade

The following day, November 1st, tourists from the corporate world took advantage of their official non-working holiday to catch the day’s festivities, one of which was held at Sumer Place Bar.

Alas, Boracay is back for business and ready to make more memorable celebrations for its beloved islanders and visitors.

So, with a whole year left before the next Halloween, there’s ample time to prepare and conceptualize on fantastic and witty costumes for the Boracay Halloween festivity in 2019, coz it sure is worth it!

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