Dusit Hospitality Management College to Open the First Hospitality Management College Which is Fully Integrated with dusitD2 the Fort, Manila

Young people and professionals who are looking to embark on a global career in hospitality management don’t need to go to Europe to gain the knowledge they need in order to unlock opportunities in international Hospital Management. Earlier, I attended a media countable aimed to introduce the newest world-class Hospitality Management College in the Philippines.

Dusit Hospitality Management College Facade
Dusit Hospitality Management College Facade

The Dusit Hospitality Management College, also known as DHMC, is set to open this August at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. It offers aspiring restaurateurs and hoteliers the world-class education following a fully integrated approach.

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DHMC aims to bring together, for the first time, the three of the most trusted names in the international hospitality and culinary education: Switzerland’s École hôtelière de Lausanne, Thailand-based Dusit International, and France’s Institut Paul Bocuse. DHMC is going to be fully integrated with dusitD2 the Fort, Manila where students will have the unique opportunities to gain relevant work experience in all areas of the hotel operations and at different levels throughout their studies.

We also meet the Managing Director of DHMC and dusitD2 the Fort, Lars Eltvik. He explains: “It makes perfect sense for Dusit International to situate its first college outside Thailand in Manila. Filipinos are well known and respected in the global hospitality industry as hardworking, creative, and dependable.”

Mr Lars Eltvik - the Managing Director of DHMC and dusitD2 the Fort
Mr Lars Eltvik – the Managing Director of DHMC and dusitD2 the Fort

DHMC’s unique hotel-college integration is the first and only in Southeast Asia. It will allow students to have access and gain experiences in first-class hospitality and culinary facilities which includes practical kitchens, function rooms, five restaurants, recreational facilities (fitness center and swimming pool), suites, and guest rooms.

The curriculum of DHMC follows the standards set by the Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education. The bachelor degree programme in hospitality management that the college is offering is certified by the world-renowned École hôtelière de Lausanne. During the entire duration of the programme, students are going to gain work experience and exposure in the dusitD2 the Fort, Manila. They will also complete a six-month internship that they can complete in the Philippines or overseas.

Dusit launches innovative hospitality school in Manila
Dusit launches innovative hospitality school in Manila

Mr. Eltvik also added, “Dusit Hospitality Education is proud to establish in Manila, and bring to the Philippines the very best of international education in hospitality and culinary arts. We will introduce programmes and pedagogy of the highest international standards. We are looking forward to contributing to more Filipinos embarking on international careers and excelling in the world’s fastest growing industry.”

Open For Everyone With Passion for Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Other than students who are seeking to earn a bachelor’s degree, professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry and those who are looking to further their careers will find the key to their career goals in DHMC.

The college’s Bachelor of Science Degree in Hospitality Management is certified by École hôtelière de Lausanne while their culinary and specialty programmes for career switchers will be carried out by its Professional Advancement Centre and will be offered in collaboration with Institut Paul Bocuse.

Dusit Hospitality Management College Facade Classroom
Dusit Hospitality Management College Facade Classroom

DHMC’s Professional Advancement Centre will also offer a range of culinary courses of different duration. There will also be courses for wine appreciation and barista training. The centre will also offer courses in English for those who are aspiring to work abroad, with particular emphasis on gaining proficiency in the language of the tourism and hospitality industries.

Learning Center of Dusit Hospitality Management College
Learning Center of Dusit Hospitality Management College

The École Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) Executive Education

Meanwhile, the Executive Education programmes are designed to hone your business skills and acumen to work in a wide range of areas in the hospitality industry.

The Driving Hotel Revenues Course is designed for students who want to develop a solid understanding of the key concepts in strategic revenue management. In this course, they will explore the relevance of revenue growth strategies and its respective operational aspects in hotel management, producing young hoteliers who are equipped to become management leaders.

Dusit opens hospitality management school in the Philippines
Dusit opens hospitality management school in the Philippines

DHMC also aims to make the students’ hotel management experience more extensive by training them in Mastering Hotel Financials. This programme aims to develop the student’s decision-making and financial planning skills essential to acquire competencies in analyzing hotel financial performances. It is the key to estimate future performance and monitor variances between projected and actual outcomes in hotel finances.

“We are passionate about giving our students proper direction and opportunities to become successful on the world stage. There is a growing need for skilled and highly competent professionals in our industry across the globe. Our graduates, with their valuable knowledge and world-class education, will be the leading hoteliers and restaurateurs for the next generation,” said Mr. Eltvik.

Dusit Hospitality Management College soon to open in Metro Manila
Dusit Hospitality Management College soon to open in Metro Manila

He also added,: “We want to assure students-and their parents that they are making the right choice by choosing DHMC to prepare and equip them with the skills and experience for a successful international hospitality management or culinary career.”

DHMC is delighted to offer generous merit-based scholarships that provide up to 50 percent of tuition fees for excellent and qualified students.

To learn more about Dust Hospitality Management College, you may visit www.dusitcollege.ph or their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/dhmcmanila.

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