Digital Nomad: 5 Tips for Passing Cisco CCENT Certification Exam

Certification Exam

Are you preparing to write the Cisco CCENT certification exam and wondering how to go about your preparation? Well, you do not have to despair; we have put together some great tips that will help you do everything possible to earn your certification smoothly. It is important to state upfront that earning the CCENT (Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician)credential is a great way to boost your career prospect in the IT sector.

5 Tips for Passing Cisco CCENT Certification Exam
5 Tips for Passing Cisco CCENT Certification Exam

Therefore, it is not strange to see millions of candidates striving to obtain this certification every year. It is also essential to mention that, unlike some other certificates, the Cisco certifications are globally recognized and can be used in any establishment of the IT world.

Having established the importance of these Cisco credentials, let us look at the steps you can take to pass the certification examination:

Know what the Certification Exam is about

This is reasonable enough, right? There is no point jumping into something that you know practically nothing about. You must learn everything you can about what the exam entails. Really, how can you prepare for any test if you do not know anything about it? The official Cisco website offers all the details you need to know about the CCENT certification exam. In addition to the information about the test, you will also find many useful links to different sites to find materials to help your preparation.

Create a Personal Study Plan

This is very important to your success with the certification exam. As a matter of fact, your level of success is mainly dependent on your level of planning. You need to create a personal study plan that takes cognizance of your personal and work responsibilities. Although the Cisco website offers a recommendation for your study hours, you need to go beyond that to create a customized study plan that will fit into your daily schedule. There are some crucial factors that you must consider when putting the plan together. First, you need to decide on when you will be taking the exam. This will help you know how short or long you have before the examination. You can visit the Pearson VUE website to check the details of the timing for the CCENT test. You should also create an account on the site and check the location and time perfect for you. When you are sure about your exam date, you will be motivated to study in earnest. Secondly, understand your study style and how long you can study per day. Some people prefer studying in short bursts, and some others can study for 5 hours straight without losing concentration. Know yourself and the category you fall into. If you are the kind that can only study for a short period, don’t pile up your study time until the weekend. Devote a short time per day to your study and stick to it.

Register for an Exam Prep Training Course

In addition to your study plan, it is recommended that you also enroll in an exam prep training course. This will allow you to learn from experts in the field and gain insight into what to expect during your certification test. It is also an avenue for you to ask questions and get answers. You can also share strategies and experiences with other candidates and network with them, that is, if you are taking in-person training.

Practice! Practice!! Practice!!!

Taking practice exams is a great way to check your level of preparation for the certification exam. When you take accent certification exams, you can understand how the certification questions are structured and how to answer them. The official training materials are highly recommended for your study and exam practice. This is because they contain exam practice at the end of each chapter. You mustn’t memorize answers to questions you practice. You are better off understanding the technicalities of answering the questions than cramming the answers.

In most cases, the questions you memorize do not show up in your exam. The reason for this is that Cisco and other certification providers have thousands of questions in their database, and the likelihood of a particular question coming out is very slim. Instead of cramming the questions and answers, use the practice exams as a guide to discover your area of strengths and weaknesses in your preparation and work towards getting better on all levels.

Tips for Passing Cisco CCENT Certification Exam
Tips for Passing Cisco CCENT Certification Exam

Join the Cisco Online Community

Joining an online forum goes a long way to help you prepare. You can share and learn exam strategies from other candidates. You can join the Cisco Learning Network and check out some other forums online. You have to use Google search to get the forum for the CCENT certification. There are huge numbers of people online going through writing the certification examination. You can learn one or two things from them that will significantly impact your preparation.

Certification Exam
Certification Exam


Your attitude is very critical to your success. Have a winning mindset and put everything into your preparation and the go-ahead to write the exam. It is normal to get nervous, especially if it is your first certification examination, but you have to be composed enough to be focused on it. On your exam, arrive at the venue on time and get settled and ready to take your test. Pay attention to all the questions and do not spend too much time on one question. If you do not know the answer to a particular question, move over to the next and return to it when you are done with the ones you know. You don’t need to wait long for the exam results. You will see your result immediately after your certification examination is over.

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