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Fact: Smartphones are Changing How People Travel


Smartphones are Changing How People Travel

In the United States, over 50 percent of people say that smartphones improve life, and 34 percent wouldn’t be able to go without their phone for more than a few hours. Smartphones are popular tools for a huge variety of activities, and they can make traveling abroad much easier. They act as cameras, maps, translators, and more, saving time, money, and precious luggage space.


About 80 percent of people around the world also say that mobile technology makes them feel safer and more secure. By using smartphones, travelers can call for help or find essential information from almost anywhere.

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With a little planning, vacationers can avoid hassles like international roaming or data fees. Most wireless carriers offer supplemental international plans and services. People can also ask their cellular provider to unlock their phone. This makes smartphones compatible with any carrier in any country. Then, travelers can buy a local prepaid SIM card at their destination or get an international SIM card. Many countries have electrical outlets with different voltages from the U.S. Check in advance and bring a different phone charger or an adapter if necessary. Also, download as many apps as possible before starting a trip to conserve data.

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, travelers can get access to several helpful tools. Tripit stores travel information like flight confirmations and hotel reservations in one place for easy viewing. It also lets users know about changes and constructs itineraries.

Mtrip recommends places to see based on people’s interests. Offline maps of most major cities are available to conserve data and battery life. There are also apps for currency conversion, finding nearby popular events, translating foreign languages, and more. Keep reading to find out more about how smartphones help people stay connected from anywhere, even another country.

Smartphones are Changing How People Travel

Smartphones are Changing How People Travel



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