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Caving in Apulit Island


Apulit Island is one of the best places to visit for those who love caves. Travellers will never forget to visit caves whenever they make a visit to Apulit Island Resort in Taytay Palawan. Some of the most popular caves in Apulit Island include Bat Cave, Secret Cave, St.Joseph’s cave as well as Lobster Cave and North Cave. Together with Clark, the resorts Marine Sports Guide, we rode a speed boat and started our caving tour.

Bat Cave in Apulit Island
Bat Cave in Apulit Island

One of the major attractions of the secret cave is that the cave can be clearly seen by the naked eye especially at the time of low tides where as the cave disappears during high tides since the opening of the cave will be covered with rising waters. There is a second cave which is interconnected with that of the secret cave. The cave is named as Bat Cave. As the name signifies, the cave is full of fruit bats.

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Bamboo Ladder inside St Josephs Cave
Bamboo Ladder inside St Josephs Cave

None of the visitors are allowed to go inside the bat cave mainly owing to smelly guano inside the cave. The third popular cave is the St.Joseph’s cave which is the largest among the five caves in Apulit Island. The cave is so big that it has the capability of accommodating almost a maximum of 60 to 70 people at a time. Travellers can see a rock formation in front of the cave which resembles to that of the saint.

Exploring St Josephs Cave
Exploring St Josephs Cave

Visitors will be provided with dry bags in every boat that will provide the visitors with space for keeping their luggage as well as prevents the valuable things like camera from getting soaked in water.

Lobster Cave
Lobster Cave

Lobster cave in Apulit Island allows the travellers to get down and explore. The cave is so beautiful to see that it has been said that the cave has been named after lobsters since people discovered lots of lobsters inside the cave at the time the cave was discovered.

Secret Cave
Secret Cave

The wonderful rock formations combined with the emerging sunbeams provides the travellers with an unforgettable experience.

Opening of St Josephs Cave
Opening of St Josephs Cave

On the way from the Lobster cave towards the last cave known as the North Cave, visitors will be able to enjoy the scenic beauty of bird watching which is sure to give the visitors an enriching experience.

St.Joseph’s cave
St.Joseph’s Cave

The last cave known as the North Cave is one of the best caves in Apulit Island. One of the major attractions of this cave is the presence of a small lagoon inside it. The blue as well as green hues of the water will leave the visitors with a thrilling experience.

Small Lagoon inside The North Cave
Small Lagoon inside The North Cave

There is an inner cavern in the backside of the north cave. The inner cavern is best known for providing romantic couples with a candlelit dinner. It will be set up accordingly as per the request of the clients.

Inside The North Cave
Melo inside The North Cave

The candlelit dinner inside the inner cavern in the north cave is sure to give the first time visitors especially couples an unforgettable memory that they can cherish inside their mind forever.

All those visitors making a visit to the Apulit Island are sure to get impressed with the caving experience which is considered to be one of the major attractions of the island. And with each cave that has its own unique characteristics, travellers will be left with an ever richer experience that is truly unforgettable.

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