Juicy Scented Earphones Juice Box Review


Juicy Electronics has released Juicy Scented Juice Box Earphones. The name itself reveals the unique differentiating feature of this gadget, which is the scent. The packaging of the earphones itself is so attractive that users will at first glance mistake the pack for one of the juice tetra packs in a supermarket. The design itself will leave the users with a lasting good impression on the earphones.

Grape Scented Earphones
Grape Scented Earphones

One of the attractions of these Juice Box Earphones is that it comes with a nutritional based information box. The main feature that makes these earphones so unique is that it comes scented. It’s for the first time scented earphones are launched in the market and that too in a range of flavours. The scented flavours include apple, banana, blueberry, grape as well as lemon. The earphones even come with a cheery scented flavour which is designed to attract the women customers the most.

Scented Earphones
Scented Earphones

The device makes use of a 1.2m cable followed by a frequency response of 22 KHz for ensuring that the users get the best of their favourite beats in a decent manner. The earbuds are designed in a droplet way so that it comfortably fits into the ears of the user.
The smell of the earphones will definitely attract those users who look for something different. The smell starts from the earbuds and extends up to the cables also.

From the design point of view, the Juice Box Earphones come with all those standard features. A couple of extra silicon buds are being used that are rounded on the earbuds. The earbuds needs a push to get placed comfortably on the ears. The earbuds are soft and is designed in a user-friendly manner for providing users with the utmost comfort. It has to be noted that the earphones comes with another version also which includes an in-line mic with remote.

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Juicy Scented Earphones
Juicy Scented Earphones

The scented earphones also come with superior sound quality. But at times, it seems that the bass is overpowered. But overall, the sound effects are good. Taking in to context the exterior design of the earphones, the lower part seems to be over shadowing the middle part of the earphones. The product also features a sound signature that is punchy in nature. The sound signature can be considered to be best suited for house as well as party music. The product works in a quite decent way for ballads as well as classical tunes.

Overall the scented Juicy earphones from Juicy Electronics appeals more to the younger generation users who are looking out for earphones that are attractive as well as can provide more of a louder as well as fun-filled experience. With more focus being given to capture the attention of the user’s eyes as well as nose, this pretty cute device has all it takes to make considerable sales in the international market.

It is a cute device that the users can give their friends as well as relatives in certain specific occasions and events. And it’s for sure that they will really appreciate the product.

Juicy is available at the following stores : Beyond The Box, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, iStudio, Bratpack, Hobbes And Landes, Technoholics, iGig and Gadgets In Style.