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Cafe Marco : Sooo Pinoy Food Trip na Pilipinas!

April 12, 2012 – Sooo Pinoy Food Tour Day 2 in Cebu – Previous Post : The Original AA BBQ Cebu.

After having a fantastic BBQ Meal, we headed to Marco Plaza Cebu to visit their popular buffet restaurant called Café Marco. Marco Polo Plaza’s Café Marco is recognized as “the best buffet in Cebu,” Café Marco offers Filipino and Continental favorites; Asian treats from Chinese and Japanese stations; the freshest greens at the salad bar and my favorite dessert station.

cebu food
Cafe Marco in Cebu

The restaurant is also known for celebrating an annual food festivals such as Sabores de Espana, Asian Food Festival, Swiss Alpine Festival and a whole lot more!

buffet restaurant in cebu
Cebuano Food at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu

Together with local Cebuano Bloggers ( and Unilever Food Solutions, Cafe Marco prepared some of the local Filipino Dishes. We met Jessica Avila – Cebu Food Consultant of Marco Polo Plaza Cebu who presented their first featured food which is their version of Pancit Molo Soup. They introduced Pancit Molo during the MICE Conference and from then on, Molo has become the hotel’s signature soup. Their Molo was made from ground pork and shrimps but they used chicken back bones for the broth to make the soup more tasty.

adobo cebuano
Chicken Pork Adobo

They also served Chicken and Pork Adobo Cebuano – a popular Filipino dish that you can find in almost any region in the Philippines. I can’t find any difference from my favorite Adobo recipes but their version was truly a must try:) The best adobo for me is not just tasty, it should be tender and served with pure love.

fish recipes cebu

Jessica also introduced Cebuano “inununan” – a simple fish tanigue (Spanish Mackerel) stew made with white vinegar, green chili finger, egg plant, bitter ground, Kamias, native garlic and ginger much like tagalog’s sinaing or pangat na isda. I grew up in a province where fish is abundant and this is how we usually cook fish whether its Galunggong, Tulingan, Sapsap, Bangus or Yellow fin tuna.

Pancit Molo Soup
Pancit Molo Soup

Instead of serving rice, Cafe Marco served steamed corn grits – also known as “Bugas Mais” in Cebu. Most Cebuanos are still eating steamed corn grits as an alternative to rice since Corn is also abundant in some parts of Cebu. Its my first time to taste steamed corn grits and I love its texture and the taste is definitely good.

best desserts cebu
Desserts at Cafe Marco

Corn Grits is relatively cheaper than rice and its more nutritious than rice with lots of fiber content. Corn is also grown organically that’s why a lot of Cebuano’s preferred to eat Corn. Spaniards introduced Corn in Cebu as an alternative for rice and till today, Bugas Mais is still a staple food in some rural areas in Cebu.

Thank you Unilever Food Solutions for continuously promoting Pinoy Food! Learn about the best dishes around Cebu from the Sooo Pinoy, Food Trip na Pilipinas Campaign!

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Written by Melo Villareal

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