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Flora Café in Hotel Elizabeth Cebu : Sooo Pinoy Food Trip na Pilipinas!


April 13, 2012 – Sooo Pinoy Food Tour Day 3 in Cebu – Previous Post : Kan-anan Restaurant Cebu.

Every journey has its final stop and for our Sooo Pinoy Food Tour Cebu Leg, our final stop was in Hotel Elizabeth’s Flora Cafe. Flora Café is a Mediterranean inspired restaurant but they are also offering various international cuisine. With its unique ambience the restaurant can cater to about 100 persons for breakfast and dinner.

Halo-Halo All You Can
Halo-Halo All You Can

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It was actually 3 hours before our flight back to Manila when we arrived in Flora Cafe to tryout their featured Pinoy Food. Their first featured food was everybody’s favorite Halo-Halo. This summer, they are offering Heap All You Can Halo-Halo promo. For Only P99 pesos per person, you can enjoy this Pinoy dessert with wide array of Halo-Halo condiments from ube halaya, leche flan, beans, langka, pinipig, etc.

Eat all you can Grill
Eat all you can Grill

To sample their Eat all you can Grill promo, they served  mixed Grilled Meat and Seafood – a mixture of beef, pork ribs, chicken leg quarter, sausage, squid and blue marlin grilled to perfection.

Hotel Elizabeth Cebu Lobby
Hotel Elizabeth Cebu Lobby

Flora Cafe has a Summer Promos starting April 2 where they will be having Bento-Bento daily at Php 325 net , Eat All You Can Grill at Php 555 net every Fridays, Heap All You Can Halo-Halo at Php 99 net daily from 2pm-5pm, and their USDA Black Angus at Php 585 net every Saturdays. All served with Bottomless Iced Tea except for the Heap All You Can Halo-Halo.

Cafe Flora Cebu
Cafe Flora Cebu

Flora Cafe is providing different hotel and food promotions depending on the season, so checkout their website to see their current offerings.

I havent tried staying in any of their properties and I must admit, that was my first time visiting Hotel Elizabeth. I was truly impressed with the hotel’s exterior and interior design. With their world class hotel, I wonder how where they able to provide affordable accommodation.

Thank you Unilever Food Solutions for continuously promoting Pinoy Food! Learn about the best dishes around Cebu from the Sooo Pinoy, Food Trip na Pilipinas Campaign! Please like the Sooo Pinoy page on Facebook or follow @SoooPinoy on Twitter.



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