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CALABARZON Has Some of the Best Spa Resorts That are Pet-Friendly

Best Pet Friendly Hotels, Spas, Resorts and Retreats

Pet-Friendly Spa Resorts in CALABARZON

Want to take a breather but do not want to leave your pets behind?

For most pet parents like me, pets are like kids, so it is difficult to relax when we’ve left our fur babies behind.

CALABARZON has some of the best resorts to free your body from those tight knots of stress while also ensuring you can spend quality time with your pets.

In the recent #discoverCALABARZON tour organized by the Tourism Promotions Board and the Department of Tourism – CALABARZON, we visited some of the best spots in the region for wellness therapies. The tour is part of the Tourism Promotions Board’s Philippine Travel Influencers Program and it is focused on, among other things, promoting Hilot or Wellness.

Here are some of the spa resorts we visited, which are also pet-friendly, along with notes on my experience visiting them.

The Farm at San Benito

The Farm at San Benito in Lipa, Batangas brands itself as a holistic medical wellness resort. It is a 48-hectare property surrounded by coconut plantations and offers stunning views of Mt. Malarayat. Its features include a lagoon, waterfalls, and gardens.

One of The Farm at San Benito's beloved peacocks welcomed us
One of The Farm at San Benito’s beloved peacocks welcomed us

When you visit the farm, you will be welcomed by The Farm at San Benito’s beloved peacocks. And if you come during this season, you will see jade vines in full bloom.

Within the farm, there are energy vortices or points where energy lines cross. These are believed to bring positive energy and good health. One of these is The Farm at San Benito’s 300-year-old Mango Tree.

The Waterfalls at The Farm at San Benito
The Waterfalls at The Farm at San Benito
Jade Vine in bloom at The Farm at San Benito
Jade Vine in bloom at The Farm at San Benito

Aside from those overflowing good vibes, The Farm at San Benito also offers holistic health programs run by doctors and other health professionals. It also offers science-based programs like pain management, weight management, a detox cleanse, yoga, and a raw food retreat. It offers only healthy cuisines to guests, including farm-to-table foods. You can also get spa treatments, hydrotherapy, daily yoga, mandala flower meditation, wellness talks, sound healing, and activities for the kids.

The Lakan 2-BR Villa at The Farm
The Lakan 2-BR Villa at The Farm

But what makes The Farm at San Benito more PAW-sitive is that it is pet-friendly. It has pet-friendly villas, so you don’t have to leave any member of your family behind when you leave for that wellness escape.

Nurture Wellness Village

The massage at Nurture Wellness Village is top-notch. It is a delight for all the senses. From the very moment you enter the massage hut, you will immediately feel relaxed.

Nurture Wellness Village is a pioneer in the Philippine spa industry and is located in Pulong Sagingan, Barangay Maitim West 2, Tagaytay City. It is another place where you can go to bask in nature with all its luscious greenery.

This wellness destination provides spa services, holistic and sustainable weight loss programs, detox, and natural healing packages.

Nurture Wellness Village's reflexology path called Lakad Kalinga
Nurture Wellness Village’s reflexology path called Lakad Kalinga
The massage room at Nurture Wellness Village
The massage room at Nurture Wellness Village

It offers different traditional indigenous therapeutic massages like Hilot Kagalingan, which uses banana leaves, special herbs, and coconut oil; Nilaib, the Filipino version of a hot stone massage, using steamed pouches of traditional Filipino herbs wrapped in banana leaves; and Ventoza, which combines vacuum techniques and massage. It also offers coconut polish, coffee scrubs, foot treatments, facials, and sports massages.

You can also go swimming at Nurture Wellness Village, walk its reflexology path called “Lakad Kalinga,” and tour the Chef’s garden, tea garden, and salad bowl garden.

And yes, Nurture Wellness Village is also pet-friendly. Pets are allowed in the gardens, and they can dine with you at the restaurant.

Nurture Wellness Village has its very own Chef’s garden, so it serves some of the freshest food you’ll ever taste since some of the ingredients are grown on-site. Its dining outlet, The Farmer’s Table, an “ecotherapy restaurant,” serves healthy and delicious Filipino fusion dishes. Must-try are its Hothouse Crispy Cauliflower and Brocolli, Tuscan-Style Rosemary Lemon Garlic Chicken, and Ube Champorado.

La Bella Tagaytay

La Bella Tagaytay is among the very few places in the country where you can get authentic abhyanga and takradhara. Are they worth the trip to Tagaytay? Definitely.

Abhyanga and takradhara are relaxing ayurvedic treatments that offer tons of benefits.

Pet park at La Bella Tagaytay
Pet park at La Bella Tagaytay

Abhyanga is a treatment done by two therapists who simultaneously massage large quantities of warm herbal oils. It eliminates toxins from the body, tones the tissues, and improves immunities. After abhyanga, medicated milk is poured onto the forehead that helps relieve mental stress. That is takradhara.

La Bella Tagaytay
La Bella Tagaytay

La Bella is located at Brgy. Neogan in Tagaytay City. The Santorini-inspired property has a boutique hotel, residences, lifestyle homes, a wellness center, and various dining and retail outlets. Its hotel features an art gallery, a pool, a ballroom, and a dining area surrounded by 30- to 60-year-old pine trees. Can you imagine morning coffees with this backdrop?

La Bella’s hotel rooms have instagrammable murals created by Robert Alejandro, who also holds art workshops in La Bella. Also, he sometimes shares his healing journeys with guests of La Bella.

The property is an advocate of health, wellness, and leisure living. Aside from the property’s natural healing vibe, it hosts events to help everyone stay balanced like light and sound meditation and health talks. During weekends, guests can shop at its weekend market featuring fresh veggies, fruits, and other healthy items.

For your pets, they can enjoy a large dog park located just beside the hotel. The hotel also hosts different events just for your fur babies like pet grooming and a pampering day.

Luljettas Hanging Gardens and Spa

In Luljettas Hanging Gardens and Spa, you’ll experience a good massage with a view. Right from your massage hut, you’ll see a spectacular view of Laguna de Bay, Antipolo, and Metro Manila.

One of the places you can relax at Luljetta
One of the places you can relax at Luljetta

Luljetta is located an hour away from Manila. It is located at Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque in Antipolo City.

This destination is popular for its hanging gardens, which are beautifully and meticulously carved along Antipolo ridges. This place is perfect for those looking for a romantic getaway, seeking a little adventure, or if you just want a quick escape.

SUMAKA at Luljetta Hanging Gardens and Spa
SUMAKA at Luljetta Hanging Gardens and Spa

Aside from the massage, guests can enjoy the Dr. Fish Spa, the heated jacuzzi, the hydro-massage pool, and the infinity pool. There are also many spots for a quiet time like its lounges and huts, which are surrounded by big trees and lush plants.

The tour of the hanging gardens usually comes with its SuMaKa or suman (rice cake), mangga or mango, kasoy or cashew nuts, and a house-blend lemongrass iced tea.

Fur babies are not allowed in the hanging gardens though, but they can stay with you in your room for free. Luljetta allows pets weighing 30 pounds or less with updated vaccination records. Also, only one pet per guestroom is allowed.

However, the hotel area offers many places where your fur babies can roam around and enjoy themselves.

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