Best Ways To Travel To Toronto According To FlightHub

New Toronto Rocket Subway Train

Ways To Travel To Toronto According To FlightHub

While there are numerous articles, guides, and testimonials out there regarding what to do in Canada’s largest city, what you may not know is that the journey can sometimes be as fun as the destination. Toronto, Ontario is home to famous landmarks like the CN Tower, The Rogers Centre, The Royal Ontario Museum, and various unique neighborhoods and districts.

But, for those that enjoy traveling, there are some unique ways to get to and navigate Toronto. I spoke with FlightHub, an online travel agency based out of nearby Montreal, to figure out how they travel to this famous Canadian metropolis.

CN Tower in Toronto
CN Tower in Toronto

Road Trip

The great Canadian road trip. Canada is loaded with beautiful surroundings. Many of these great places to see and experience rest upon the Trans-Canada Highway. This almost 8,000 Kilometre highway stretches from coast to coast and is a rite of passage for adventurous Canadians.

Road Trip to Toronto
Road Trip to Toronto

As this is Canada we are talking about, this kind of trip is largely recommended for Summer travel, as Winter brings potentially hazardous weather. Some distances to consider include:

  • Halifax To Toronto: 1,801 Kilometres
  • Montreal To Toronto: 542 Kilometres
  • Edmonton To Toronto: 3,394 Kilometres
  • Vancouver To Toronto: 4,406 Kilometres

Via Rail

Probably the most romantic way to travel to Toronto is by train. Easily the most comfortable method of transit, Via Rail is Canada’s predominant rail line. These trains run across Canada, with a major line running between Windsor, Ontario at the end of the Southwest end, and Montreal on the Northeast end. Toronto, of course, sits roughly in the middle of this line, according to FlightHub, meaning you will see some good country if you are catching the train on this line.

Billy Bishop Airport

Billy Bishop Airport Shuttle
Billy Bishop Airport Shuttle By Raysonho @ Open Grid Scheduler / Grid Engine – Own work, CC0

Toronto is a unique city, thanks to another transit method. Billy Bishop Airport is an airport based on Toronto Island. This airport is easily accessible using a ferry or by walking there via a pedestrian tunnel. What’s the upside? Once back on the mainland, you are literally in downtown Toronto according to FlightHub’s review.

This is a great alternative to landing at Pearson International Airport, which requires either a costly cab or extensive, and more costly than usual, public transit use to escape. Billy Bishop gives you a chance to hop off the plane and immediately find yourself downtown.

Ways To Travel To Toronto
New Toronto Rocket Subway Train By CCC2012 – Own work, CC0 – Ways To Travel To Toronto

TTC – Toronto Transit Commission

Once downtown, travelers have access to the TTC. This massive network of buses, subways, and streetcars makes having a car not necessary if you are downtown, thanks to the great network downtown.

In addition to the TTC, Toronto’s PATH is a thorough underground network of pedestrian tunnels that make it possible to get from place to place without having to stick your head outside. While this may not make sense in the Summer, it’s a serious help in the Winter months.

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