5 Ways To Ensure You Enjoy Your Holiday In Canada

Lakes in Canada

5 Ways To Enjoy Your Holiday In Canada

Canada may be the world’s second-largest country in terms of land size, but it’s sparsely populated. Large parts of it are covered in forests and the Rocky Mountains, with Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver being its three largest metropolitan areas. The majority of its 35 million residents live in medium-sized cities, many of them near the southern border because of a warmer climate. It’s a country steeped in history with many different things to see and do when you visit. Here are our expert tips.

Try The Cuisine

Canadians love their food and have many traditional dishes that are not to be missed. Poutine is probably the most famous, and you can find versions of it all around the world. None of them is as good as the Canadian’s make it. Crispy fries with cheese curds, pulled pork or bacon and gravy all combine to make one of the tastiest comfort food you will ever try. Then there are butter tarts, lobster rolls, bagels (Montreal style), Saskatoon berry pie and Peameal bacon. These are just a few; there are many other traditional meals that should not be missed when you visit Canada – look up the region you’re visiting online or ask your server at the restaurant to find out more.

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Cupacakes - Holiday In Canada
Cupacakes – Holiday In Canada

Visit The Lakes

Canada has more lakes than all the other countries in the world combined. So, of course, you won’t get to visit them all while on holiday, but you might manage a couple. The glaciers, rock flour and sun create incredible colours that you will never forget and are unlikely to see anywhere else. The towns nearest to them sometimes have tour buses, or you can drive to them. You certainly will not regret visiting the lakes of Canada.

Lakes in Canada
Lakes in Canada

Spend Time In The Cities

Canadians are known to be some of the friendliest and most polite people in the world. You will certainly experience this if you spend time in one of the large cities such as Montreal. There you will find shops, museums, nature parks, play centres for kids and adults, sports stadiums, sightseeing tours and an endless list of other things to do. There are so many activities available, shops to browse and sights to see, you will never fit it all into one holiday.

Sunset over Montreal
Sunset over Montreal


Doing all of these different things, you need to find some time to relax or you will tire yourself out. Spend a day at the hotel pool or just relax on the balcony of your room with a good book. You may want to play some games, and the hotel will very possibly have free wi-fi to allow easy internet access. Canadian’s love all types of sports and games, you can even take part in some while having a relaxing day. Playing in online casinos is one of the favourite pastimes of many Canadians, and some casinos offer real money rewards for signing up with them. This can be a significant amount so certainly worth looking into. Sometimes making a payment can be a worry and awkward when we’re not at home, which is why most accept so different payment options.

Visit Toronto
Visit Toronto

Go To The Theater

There is no shortage of theatres in Canada, and whether you want to watch a light-hearted show, a musical or drama, you will find top quality productions in many of them. From small provincial playhouses to enormous metropolitan complexes and historical theatres, there are top names and interesting shows available at any time.

There are also cinemas showing the latest films, presuming you’re not too tired after visiting the lakes, doing a bit of shopping, and enjoying some poutine!

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