Hither Hills State park by John Weiss via Flickr Commons
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10 of The Best Beaches in Long Island, New York

Long Island’s 12 Must-see Beaches

The Most Beautiful Beaches on Long Island, NY

Known widely for its ostentatious coastline of the Hamptons, the Long Island is located just a few minutes away from Manhattan. It is one of the most popular weekend getaways from New York City and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, thanks to its picturesque beaches and vibrant festivals.

Long Island, New York City. USA photo via Depositphotos
Long Island, New York. USA photo via Depositphotos

Though it has plenty to offer, there is no denying that Long Island’s sandy beaches are its primary selling point. Its beaches are some of the finest in the United States and usually hold all sorts of activities from concerts, oceanfront hiking, family picnics, biking, and festivals.

Get ready to learn the best beaches on Long Island.

Watch Hill Fire Island

Watch Hill Fire Island in New York photo via FB Page
Watch Hill Fire Island in New York photo via FB Page

To begin our list, Watch Hill has been constantly ranked among the top ten best beaches in New York. The island has no cars and doesn’t hold parties like other beaches on Long Island. Stretching some 32 miles long, its beach is stunning and pristine.

The island is peaceful, with deer grazing on its undulating verdant sands and few crowds even during peak season.

To reach the island, you will have to take a ferry from the Patchogue LIRR station. Watch Hill is worth your visit, and you will enjoy the fact that it has very few manmade structures except the bathrooms with hanging lockers and restaurants.

Jones Beach State Park

Jones Beach State Park New York via Depositphotos
Jones Beach State Park New York via Depositphotos

Though it is always crowded, Jones Beach State Park should still be on your bucket list. Located at South Shore, the beach features about 6 miles of soft sand, calm waves, and an overabundance of things to do.

Being among the busiest beaches in New York, arrays of facilities sustain the daily crowds.

You can rollerblade, walk, run along the long walkway, or get entertained at The Northwell Health Theater.

Robert Moses State Park

Robert Moses State Park
Robert Moses State Park By Anthony22 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Extending 5 miles on the western sides of Fire Island, Robert Moses has also been on the best beaches in New York State several times. Though it usually gets crowded, most local New Yorkers come to escape the crowd of other strips, such as Jonas Beach State Park.

The beach is very accessible via train or car.

Robert Moses has calm water that is ideal for swimming, gentle waves for surfing, and boogie-boarding.

If you carry a camera, head over to Fire Island lighthouse for the beach’s incredible views and take some pictures.

There is also an 18-hole Pitch & Putt golf course at the beach and a volleyball net.

Lido Beach

Lido Beach by Agiorgio via Wikipedia CC
Lido Beach By Agiorgio – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, CC

Lido Beach is maintained by the Nickerson Beach Park on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. It is one of the most family-friendly beaches on Long Island. It has several sun-kissed events for people of all ages and boasts some of the softest sand beaches in New York State.

The beach is gorgeous and has sparkling waters like the ones you will find in tropical islands. It is categorized based on activities and probably ages. For instance, youngsters and teens would play at Fun Zone, a tennis court, basketball and volleyball nets, and a skate park with ramps and railings.

Lido Beach also has a seaside pitch-and-putt, which is a perfect spot for families.

There are two large pools nearby for kids or anyone who wants to swim in salty ocean water.

Other facilities include a picnic pavilion, a playground, as well as a concession.

The trick for visiting this beach for a group is using Nassau County Leisure Pass; otherwise, the cost will be steep.

Hither Hills State Park

Hither Hills State park by John Weiss via Flickr Commons
Hither Hills State Park by John Weiss via Flickr Commons

While Lido Beach is ideal for families, Hither Hills is perfect for campers and adventure seekers. It has around 190 campsites and designated RV Parking. If you are looking for beach camping, look no further. Spend the night on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean under the calming sounds of crashing tides.

The beach also has facilities such as a playground for kids, fishing, and skiing during winter.

Hither Hills is one of the most popular beaches in Long Island, so if you wish to visit, make sure you make reservations, like five or six months early.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach, Fire Island New York by Patrick Gruban via Wikipedia CC
Ocean Beach, Fire Island New York By Patrick Gruban from Munich, Germany – IMG_8528, CC BY-SA 2.0, CC

Located on Fire Island, Ocean Beach borders the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Great South Bay. The island is car-free and can only be accessed via a ferry ride from Bay Shore.

Ocean beach is known for its warm ocean currents that make it possible to swim even in October.

Unlike most beaches in Long Island, alcohol and radio are banned from Ocean Beach, but there are several restaurants nearby where you can buy varieties of dishes, including seafood.

Sunken Meadow State Park

Sunken Meadow State Park by Doug Kerr via Flickr CC
Sunken Meadow State Park by Doug Kerr via Flickr CC

Sunken Meadow State Park overlooks the Long Island Sound and stretches 3 miles. It has calm waters that are ideal for swimming, even for children.

There are a boardwalk and a concession stand where you can buy food.

In terms of facilities, there is a playground, picnic pavilion, and nature trails.

The beach is free, but parking restrictions are in effect.

Gin Beach

This child-friendly beach is located east of Montauk Harbor bay. It features facilities such as outdoor showers and bathrooms with no other building structure nearby.

Pets are also allowed to the beach, including off-leash dogs.

Orient Beach State Park

Orient Beach State Park by Randy Watson via Wikipedia CC.jpg
Orient Beach State Park by Randy Watson via Wikipedia CC.jpg

Lying on the southern coastline of Long Island, Orient Beach is the only beach in this area of the island that stays crowd-free most of the time. The strip has gentle tides, plenty of watersports, nature walks, and fishing.

Birds like egrets, herons, and ospreys can be spotted flying around the beach.

Coopers Beach

Coppers Beach is located in Southampton, Long Island. With its silver sand, luxury facilities such as umbrellas and chair rentals, swimming, surfing, and breathtaking views, no wonder this beach is consistently ranked among the top ten in the United States.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What beaches are free on Long Island?

Most public beaches in Long Island can be accessed for free before Memorial Day and after Labor Day.

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