Hidden Adventures : Exploring Zimbabwe

Guest Post by Edd Morris

Zimbabwe’s blessed by mother nature, so the saying goes, but cursed by humankind. It’s heartbreaking how a country so lush, so green and so fertile could suffer such woes at the hands of corrupt politicians. The good news, though, is that things are improving. After the years of suffering, most Zimbabweans’ lives are beginning to look a little brighter. And, for curious travelers, although Zimbabwe’s not exactly inundated with tourists just yet, it’s blessed with the potential to become a world-class destination.

Zambezi River
Shamashanga – Zambezi River

Why so exciting, then? Well, hospitality is amazing, and dining out in Zimbabwe is almost always a memorable event, as you nibble chargrilled red-meat underneath the bright starry skies. There are national parks so unspoiled by human development that safaris take place on foot; visiting the misty and magnificent Victoria Falls comes with a take-your-breath-away guarantee; and simply taking a trip to a countryside village is enough to overwhelm even the most jaded traveler. Get here before the crowds do, and experience these highlights.

Antelope Park
Antelope Park – Gweru – Island Lodge7

Get very wet at the Victoria Falls

On the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia, the Victoria Falls are a deafening roar of spray and rainbows, as torrents of water cascade down a 100m chasm. Waterfalls are a little tricky to quantify but, as things go, the Victoria Falls are up with the big boys of Niagara and Iguazu, with an average of a million liters of water a second plummeting over the rocky ledges. Be warned that, for wet-season visits, the water-level may be so high that the ambient mist and spray will obscure any clear view of the falls.

The Hide, Hwange
The Hide, Hwange

Safari through Mana National Park

2000 square kilometer Mana National Park is totally unspoiled by human development. Mana is a World Heritage Site, teeming with exotic animals who sip fresh water from its four huge lakes (‘mana’ means ‘four’ in the local Shona language). There are multiple herds of elephant who wander the reserve, alongside baboons, buffalo, zebra, and fleets of hippo – who are best left well alone. Uniquely, the park road-network is so limited that the best safari tours are arranged on foot.

Safari in Zimbabwe
Safari in Zimbabwe

Hike through the Eastern Highlands

These rolling hills on Zimbabwe’s border with Mozambique are born of flames: at the end of most dry-seasons, the reedy-grassland erupts into wildfire, cleansing the earth and preparing for life to start afresh next spring.

It’s easy to explore this rugged, temperate hill-scape by renting horses from the city of Mutare; alternatively, you’ll find numerous lodges suitable for breaking a wilderness trek.

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