Meet the Kokoon – Headware’s latest innovation

Your favorite multipurpose brand gives you a new reason to get excited – the Kokoon. Headware introduces its newest creation, a full body cover one minute, a sling bag another, a towel, skirt and more all in one.

Headware Kokoon Blanket
Headware Kokoon Blanket

The Kokoon is an all-around piece bigger than the original Basic Headware with a multitude of uses. The brand created the Kokoon for the ultimate traveler. The Kokoon is breathable, tubular, and versatile.

Currently offered in 3 colors (red, black, and blue), the Kokoon measures 177 x 77 cm and is available for P1,195. Grab your own Kokoon from the following retail partners: Body & Soul – Boracay, Habagat, Hangin – Boracay, Joanna’s – Balesin, Kite Asia, Lonely Planet, Mandala Spa, Pinaskite Boarding, Planet Sports, ROX and Stables – Boracay. For more information, visit

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