Funny Signs : Manny Pacquiao Shampoo spotted in Boracay

Location : Boracay Island

While walking around D’mall area, I passed by a small Sari-Sari Store (Mini Grocery) and saw this funny sign:)

manny pacquiao shampoo
This Shampoo can make you a World Champion! LOL

We all know that almost all Shampoo commercial models we’ve seen from the past are all good looking. Who would have thought that an average looking Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao will become a shampoo endorser? Do you want to have a Shampoo commercial of your own? Errrrr… I guess you need to be a good boxer!
  1. Boracay says

    LOL! This is so hilarious! Nice one! I think i’ll try one? 😀

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