How to go to Batanes

Marlboro Hills in Batanes Photo by Roger Alcantara

(Updated May 13, 2013)

Theres only one way to get to Batanes for now and that is by plane. The island province of Batanes is accessible by air and served by air with 3 flights per week from Manila by SkyJetAir, and from Tuguegarao, Cagayan by small local airliners (as of January 2013). Budget carrier PALExpress started their flights to Batanes last May 1, 2013. PAL Express flies to Batanes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

PAL Express batanes flights
PAL Express now flies to Batanes

In some cases, smaller aviation companies like those who are based in Tuguegarao have a minimum number of passengers required for a flight and if there aren’t enough, the flight will be delayed / re-scheduled for 24-72 hours. While it’s a little bit expensive to get to Batanes, the reward is definitely worth it. Basco, the capital has a lot in common with Taiwan which lies less than 200 kilometers to the north.

Valugan Beach
Valugan Beach

Batanes sits with the China Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. Batanes is not simply one island though.

Kids in Chavayan Sabtang Island
Kids in Chavayan Sabtang Island

The province is made up of ten islands of which three have populations. The people of Batanes are called the Ivatans and they are unique from other Filipinos because their culture developed independently. Like the islands they are beautiful, and interesting people.

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Once you reached Batanes, you will fall in love with the landscape, the people, and the culture of this province. Some say it is more like New Zealand or Polynesia than like the Philippines. One way that you can’t get to Batanes is swimming…. That Im pretty sure LOL. I heard there are passenger boats that used to have a weekly trips to Batanes from Curimao Ilocos Norte but stick to the airplanes for a safer trip.

  1. monette | fliptravels says

    melo! me want to go to batanes! sure bang may discounted fares sila sa expo??? wala ako gana pumunta kasi ron’s not here, but if there is a sale, i have to force myself to drop by just to get tickets. argh!

    1. melo says

      @Monette – yup got the info from SEAIR na meron sila promo:)

  2. monette | fliptravels says

    then i must go… haha! thanks for the info!

    1. melo says

      ayt see you there:)

  3. lani says

    they had a roundtrip tickets to batanes buy one take one cost 16k,but if u check their site, u can get like 6927/each roundtrip already per person, cheaper than their promo on feb 18-20, 2011…

  4. cheap flights philippines says

    Batanes is such a paradise place, and no better way to experience it than with SEAIR’s promo flights to Batanes.

  5. Far East Holidays says

    Batanes is amazing place. I want to discounted flights to Batanes and make my trip memorable.

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