Angeles City Food Trip Part I: A Taste of Local Culinary Fare

Where to Eat in Angeles City, Philippines

The city of Angeles doesn’t fall short when it comes to authentic cuisine. The locals take food seriously, which is evident in the taste of their dishes and delicacies. While it is common knowledge that many Kapampangans are good cooks, the secret remains undiscovered until you get to sample their food firsthand. They don’t take shortcuts when cooking and are generous in ingredients – it’s that simple.

My recent visit to Angeles city in Pampanga has got to be the most food-filled trip I ever had. Trying out the local dishes is simply a must – from the famous sizzling sisig and the exotic camaru down to the luscious delicacies like tibok-tibok and tsokolate batirol.

Now, the hardest part is choosing where to get a taste of the best local food. To help everyone go through the deciding process, here’s a roundup of restaurants offering authentic Kapampangan dishes at its finest.

Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy and Sisig

mila's sisig
Mila’s Tokwa’t Baboy version of Sizzling Sisig

Angeles is home to the best-tasting sisig dishes in the country, mainly because the first sisig was founded in a humble kitchen in this city, and partly because people here are really good cooks. Mila’s is one of the go-to places when you crave for a savory serving of sizzling sisig. Their version is far from the usual one served in Metro Manila – crispy, crunchy bits of pork cheeks, ears, and snout topped with chopped onions and seasoned with secret ingredients. They need not put mayonnaise or egg to keep it simple, yet the sensation it brings to the tastebuds is heavenly.

mila's pako salad
Mila’s Pako Salad

mila's tokwat baboy
Mila’s famous Tokwa’t Baboy

Their Tokwa’t Baboy is also a surefire hit among locals and tourists. Mila’s has managed to transform this plain dish into an extraordinary creation of deep-fried tofu pillows, pig ears, and soy-vinegar sauce. Don’t forget to order a platter of their refreshing Pako Salad, which is made of ferns, tomatoes and onions relished with salted egg and homemade vinaigrette.

Mila’s has gained a loyal following through the years for their superb food choices set at an affordable price. No wonder people often flock to this humble restaurant day and night.

mila's specialties
mila’s specialties

Address: Brgy. San Angelo, San Andres Street, Angeles, Pampanga
Phone: (045) 888 6727

Culinarium at Museo Ning Angeles

culinarium kamaru ingredients
generous amount of ingredients at Museo ning Angeles

In efforts to recognize and preserve local food and its preparation, Kuliat Foundation Inc. established the Culinarium located on the second floor of Museo Ning Angeles. This culinary museum aims to preserve and perpetuate the traditional Kapampangan culinary arts, featuring a live kitchen for cooking classes and food demos, an exhibit of the old kitchen, and more.

culinarium kamaru cooking
there goes the camaru

culinarium kamaru dish

The resident chef showed everyone how to cook Camaru (cricket) and Betute (frog) in the Kapampangan way. The crickets were sauteed with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and some herbs. The betute, on the other hand, was more challenging to cook since the frogs need to be skinned just moments before cooking them. The filling, made of tomatoes, onions, and meat, was cooked and then stuffed inside the frog’s body, before frying it for the final touch. The camaru was surprisingly good and the betute tasted, well, like chicken.

culinarium betute cooking
the chef cooking the betute stuffing

culinarium betute
exotic betute

Address: Museo Ning Angeles, Heritage District, Santo Rosario St, Angeles, Pampanga
Phone: (045) 887 4703

Café Museo

cafe museo breakfast 2
breakfast at Angeles Cafe Museo

Come mid-afternoon, the lobby of Museo Ning Angeles is turned into a cozy nook where people flock to have some good eats or just sit back and relax in between tours. Cafe Museo serves traditional local favorites like the Tsokolate Batirol, Kape ng Don Angel, and Inumang Berdi. The choices in their menu come with an interesting story that will make you appreciate the food and drink more.

cafe museo
welcome to Cafe Museo

cafe museo puto babi
puto babi

cafe museo tsokolate batirol
how batirol is made

I was more than glad when the Puto Babi and Tsokolate Batirol was served for breakfast. My first impression of a regular pandesal and chocolate drink was brushed away after taking a sip and a bite. The Puto Babi is made from pandesal topped with mashed kamote and bagoong before frying in pork oil. It is best paired with a hot cup of Tsokolate Batirol, a traditional, rich hot cocoa drink.

cafe museo breakfast
happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast

Address: Museo Ning Angeles, Heritage District, Santo Rosario St, Angeles, Pampanga
Phone: (045) 887 4703

19 Copung-Copung Grill

19 copung buffet
buffet spread at 19 Copung-Copung Grill

If you’re looking for a place serving delicious and exotic Kapampangan dishes, 19 Copung-Copung is a good choice. The resto resembles a traditional Filipino buffet setup, complete with nipa huts, wooden tables and chairs, and servers wearing traditional attires. Their buffet spread offers an array of choices, from crispy crablets and camaru, liempo and bopis, down to adobong balut, binukadkad and frog dishes.

19 copung dishes
food choices

19 copung huts
nipa hut or kubo for dining

They also hosted a cooking demo and showed us how to cook their version of camaru and balut sisig. I personally find both tasty, though I enjoyed eating the balut sisig more. You can also enjoy ala carte dining here after 2pm.

19 copung ingredients
a delicious sisig starts with these

19 copung cooking
19 copung-copung’s resident chef

19 copung balut sisig
sizzling balut sisig

19 copung kamaru
sizzling camaru sisig

Address: 222 McArthur hi-way, Balibago, Angeles, Pampanga
Phone: (045) 892 1922

Food is an integral part of exploring a new place. The various culinary finds present in Angeles won’t disappoint traveling foodies. Their local food exudes fragrance and flavor is enough to entice even the pickiest eater.

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