Belly-busting Eats: California Pizza Kitchen holds annual National Pizza Day!

Once again, California Pizza Kitchen holds its fourth National Pizza Day this year. What is making it even more special this time is that CPK is celebrating its 18 years in the casual dining industry, and the unveiling of the winner of their first-ever CPK Pizza Wars!

Now on its fourth year, National Pizza Day is celebrated to give thanks to everyone who patronized CPK through the years. Since 1997, CPK has delivered its signature California flair to diners via its delicious gourmet pizzas since its beginnings here in Manila.

Archie Rodriguez, the CEO of Global Restaurant Concepts, the company that brought CPK here in Manila in 1997, has this to say, “This year, we are celebrating CPK’s 18th anniversary with a two-day National Pizza Day wherein we give our guests the gift of free pizza. By simply ordering a regular or thin crust pizza, a guest will get to have one for free from our special pizza menu just for August 14 and 15. As with the past years, these pizzas are about pushing the envelope when it comes to taste profile and having an adventure on the dough.”

I’m so happy to share to you the five pizzas (and more!) and, boy, were they delicious!

California Pizza Kitchen Media Night
California Pizza Kitchen Media Night

In one night, we were treated to a parade of pizzas that everyone will get to have come National Pizza Day on August 14 to 15, 2015 and beyond on all nine CPK branches across the metro. All pizzas were handcrafted in the same manner CPK has always been known for, and were paired off with their signature drinks.

First off, we had Caprese:


Caprese is a simple pizza with tomatoes, basil leaves, and a load of cheeses on a wheat crust. Very simple yet very delicious, Caprese is sure to be hit among fans of traditional pizzas.

Next off is Hawaiian Pepperoni, another traditional pizza but made different by CPK.

Hawaiian Pepperoni
Hawaiian Pepperoni

CPK presents this pizza in a way most pizza fans are familiar of, but when one takes a bite off it, you will realise that the pineapples used were as fresh as it could get! “We use real, fresh pineapple fruits, not canned ones,” says Luisa del Rosario, CPK Philippines’ Senior Operations Director. So, now we know why it’s way different and better than most Hawaiian Pepperoni pizzas around!

Another pizza on the parade is the Italian Sausage and Pepper.

Italian Sausage and Pepper
Italian Sausage and Pepper

Now here’s a pizza right up my alley! Personally, I like my pizzas flavourful and crusty, and this particular pizza is one of them. While it has some usual ingredients like olives, cheeses, and bell pepper, the Italian Sausage gave it the character.

Coming in on the parade is Salami and Bacon!

Salami and Bacon
Salami and Bacon

Going up a notch this time, CPK brings out the meat cuts on their pizzas. Enter Salami and Bacon. This is way better for pizza fans who love both meat and flavor. Also, I think this pizza goes well with meat fans who love the best of both worlds.

And lastly, we’ve got the winner of their first CPK Pizza Wars, the Farmer’s Choice.

The Farmers Choice
The Farmers Choice

Here’s what we call a surprise, a pleasant surprise at that. The Farmer’s Choice is the prize-winning entry by Romel Panaligan of CPK Alabang Town Center. The pizza itself is a nod to Filipino cuisine. It is made with a roasted squash base, filled with fresh mozzarella, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and grilled eggplant, all finished up with a dash of cinnamon and a sprinkling of desiccated coconut.

Personally, this has become my favorite among the rest of the presented pizzas. Its flavor reached me with a comforting sweetness, but not sugary, because of the roasted squash and the coconut. The rest of the key ingredients lend their flavors in a balanced way, making it a comfort food pizza. The Farmer’s Choice is truly a winner in all aspects, and I am in awe of how the flavor profiles blended.

California Pizza Kitchen in Makati City
Luisa del Rosario, Senior Operations Director of Global Restaurant Concepts, and Archie Rodriguez, CEO of Global Restaurant Concepts.

The National Pizza Day coincides with their 18th year anniversary celebration, as the chain has been in the Philippines since 1997. Here’s to more adventures on pizza crusts, CPK!

If you want to know more of CPK’s promos, please visit them on Facebook (California Pizza Kitchen Philippines) and @cpkphilippines on Twitter and Instagram, and on their website:

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