9 Ways Introverts Can Travel Solo and Be Happiest

Free your mind

Are you an introvert who wants to experience the joys of traveling alone? Afraid to Travel Solo? You’re not alone! I’m a proud introvert, and I’ve successfully done solo traveling for many years now. Some people have negative connotations of introverts and solo traveling.

Travel Solo
Travel Solo

But experience has taught me that anyone can travel alone and have a great time. To anyone dealing with the negativity of solo traveling, this article is for you. Here are 9 tips for an introvert who travels to make their own journey the most positive and enjoyable ever.

1. Loosen Up and Just Take the Plunge

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One of the best traveling tips for an introvert is this: Stop overthinking and just do it!

The magic of travel happens when you just take the plunge and embrace the journey’s surprises. I remember well how I decided correctly on my first travel many years ago: I simply booked the flight and didn’t make a big fuss about it.

The key is to empty your mind for a moment to purify yourself of negative thoughts. It can empower you with a liberating feeling to overcome the torment of self-doubt.

Discover New things
Discover New things

2. It’s OK to Enjoy Being Solo!

It took me quite some time before finally embarking on my first travel. I used to excessively worry about traveling alone.

I worried about it so much that I felt paralyzed to actually travel. Deciding to let go was a turning point for me. But I’ve also learned that it’s okay for an introvert to enjoy traveling. Traveling by myself makes me happy.

I used to feel conscious and guilty about enjoying traveling alone. Well, not anymore!

3. Freewrite Your Thoughts

As an introvert who advocates the ease and fun of solo traveling, I have developed the practice of freewriting my travel thoughts.

In contrast to the more serious-sounding notion of “travel writing,” freewriting disregards writing technicalities like grammar and spelling to allow thoughts and feelings to flow freely.

Freewriting your travel stories are a fantastic way to record your thoughts as they unfold or recall them at the end of the day.

Free your mind
Free your mind

4. Travel at Your Own Pace

Anyone can get easily overwhelmed with the demands of traveling alone. Avoid the negative feeling caused by getting frazzled and learn to travel at your own pace.

Refrain from strictly patterning the pace of your journey after prescribed time or itinerary. Learn to be flexible and listen to your desires.

Remember that you’re not traveling to compete or catch up with anyone. Take your time and learn to be mostly self-sufficient for a stress-free journey.

Join local festivals and meet new friends
Join local festivals and meet new friends

5. Feel Connected by Joining Group Activities

Traveling as an introvert does not mean that I keep to myself all the time. Like many introverts, I also feel the need for interaction every now and then.

It’s a basic human need. Whenever you need a company, consider joining group activities like a city tour or a museum tour.

These group activities allow introverts some much-needed quiet isolation while opening up opportunities to interact with others.

Meet new friends
Meet new friends

6. Blend with Your Surroundings

Going to unfamiliar places can be tricky, but immersing myself in a destination’s surroundings has helped me figure things out.

Allowing myself to absorb the complexities of a new destination has become one of my best introvert ways to deal with solo traveling.

Simply walking around and getting lost can provide you with the opportunity to make sense of the destination’s culture and people.

7. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Whenever I think about it, traveling solo in Boracay was one of the boldest and most enjoyable trips I’ve made. Boracay is a party place, yet my introvert self has found peace and solitude in this beautiful island.

I was able to do this by allowing myself to just eat, drink, and be merry! Don’t be afraid to travel solo in places like Boracay, even if you’re an introvert.

Apart from enjoying gustatory delights, you can also feel like you’re having the grandest time staying in the best accommodation in Boracay that suits your preference.

Find a drink buddy
Find a drinking buddy.

8. Upload Your Travel Photos Online

A dilemma of many traveling introverts is how they can share their wonderful experiences. With today’s social media, introverts can share their travel thoughts and photos online, whether anonymously or using their own identity.

I like posting things related to accommodation, food, sights, and observations on my social media accounts. It makes me feel happy sharing the experience with others. I feel others can vicariously enjoy the journey through my travel posts.

9. Prepare for Your Next Travel Project

In all my years of traveling solo, I’ve learned the importance of keeping the passion alive and preparing well for any trip.

I used to be a serious worrier! But I’ve learned to free myself of unnecessary worries with careful planning and preparation. I plan each aspect of my travel project ahead of time.

I book a hotel and airfare way in advance to get the best deals and to alleviate myself of the inevitable pressures of traveling solo. Preparation is ultimately about taking control.

I’m sure these 9 ways of traveling as an introvert can help you as much as they helped me. I’ve road-tested these tips many times before, that’s why I’m confident that having your own best traveling experience is not at all impossible!

You don’t have to give up your personality as an introvert. But the negativity and worries attached to solo traveling definitely must go. Open yourself to the wonders of solo traveling and feel part of something bigger in the process.

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