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5 Reasons Why I Love Mountains Over Beaches

different kind of high

Reasons Why I Love Mountains Over Beaches

Philippines is rich in different paradise that cater the passion of various travelers. Some love climbing mountains and others love the beaches. Either or, Philippines is gifted with these stunning gems. But for me, being under the sun and climbing mountains is what I love more than relaxing by the beach. For all those who are just like me, I will list down 5 reasons why.

Mountain Climbing
Mountain Climbing


If you’re like me who loves being in an exhilarating adventure in the mountains, then you’re an introvert as well as I am. Now I am no psychologist, but science claims to know the answer as to why we choose the mountains over the beaches. I just love taking a time out whenever I’m in the mountain, just be in one place looking over to the stunning lush greens of the highland.

Adrenalin Pumping - Mountains Over Beaches
Adrenalin Pumping – Mountains Over Beaches


I just love seeing the blues of the clouds roll over me, the birds flaunting their wings while flying and the view from the top where I can see the low-lying hills of the mountain. It’s really different whenever you’re on the top. It’s really refreshing to see greens and blues unlike the hustle grays of the city.

different kind of high
different kind of high


The freedom that climbing gives me is really something that made me fall in love in climbing mountains: no restrictions to food – you can cook anything that your supplies and gears can do and eat anything you want without feeling irked because the calories will burn anyway and the opportunity to be at your own pace in reaching your goal during the climb. The freedom that the mountain gives you is also something that challenges you to become a better person.

Meet Friends
Meet Friends


Climbing itself is really challenging and sometimes can be very dangerous if one doesn’t have the proper education about the sport. With these facts, you can really see the personality of the people around you during the climb. They’ll stick with you during the challenges and share the fulfilling achievement of conquering the mountains. This is one reason why I love climbing mountains, I can really determine who my true and real friends are.

take a break
take a break


I’m not saying that picking mountain over the beach is a better choice. It really depends on the person. In my case, I just love being under the sun and be close to the lush greens of nature. The discomfort and challenges that the mountain offer are some things I savor because every mountain has its different kind of reward that is really worth it.

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Written by Mc Pol Androuse Cruz

Mc Pol Cruz, a student and a traveler, who just love being under the sun. Weekend Sidetrip is a travel lifestyle blog. It is about the stories behind my travels and tips on everything about traveling.

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