Tips for Traveling Solo Internationally

For many individuals, the idea of going it alone and traveling internationally has become extremely popular with the 18 to 35 age bracket, although many older men and women are doing the same. In answer to the question “why travel alone?” many individuals claim that it is the freedom involved that holds the allure. You can come and go as you please without having to keep a schedule.

Lonely Traveler

So whether you feel like relaxing or venturing out and exploring, you are in complete control.

Additionally, you are responsible for any mistakes as well as being able to celebrate your adventures and triumphs as you see fit. You don’t have to worry about keeping up with or pleasing a partner and you are never restricted to where you want to go for the day. Whatever day and time you venture out, the day is yours to revel in as you see fit.

The primary concern of travellers who are contemplating a solo adventure is their personal safety (at least it should be). Remember that you are travelling to unfamiliar territory where you do not know anyone and it becomes quickly obvious to the locals that you are doing exactly that. You are considerably more vulnerable to criminals and scam artists when you do not have a companion travelling with you. The following is a list of tips for travelling alone and being safe in the process:

– Make two copies of your passport, leaving one with a family member or close friend and keeping the other tucked away in your luggage. Should you lose your original, this will make it considerably easier to replace.

Solo Traveler

– Take along a list of all your credit card company’s emergency telephone numbers and your account information. Store this on your person but not in your wallet.

– Before you arrive at your destination, make sure that you educate yourself about the area so that you are somewhat familiar with your surroundings. Make sure that you do some serious research and talk with professional travel services that have experienced the area first-hand. Plan on how you are going to get around and where you are planning on going as well as where your lodging is located.

– When selecting a hotel, you should investigate several before making your decision since not all rating systems are the same. After all, you want to take advantage of the best accommodation at the best value.

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Dreaming of Holiday Abroad

– Stay in the more open and public places, especially whenever you venture out in the evening. Make sure that you always display confidence and walk with a purpose.

– Flashy clothing and jewellery will attract unnecessary attention and could have serious consequences. Putting it in simpler terms, don’t dress like you’re rich.

– Most importantly, don’t make it obvious that you are a tourist. In other words, don’t wear “giveaway” clothing such as Bermuda shorts or Disney t-shirts when you arrive there and when you are exploring the area.

Enjoy Traveling:)

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