The Month of Celebration, Fun, and Flowers: Must-See Events and Festivals For the Month of May

There are many colourful events and festivals for the month of May. [Image Credit: Iloilo.Net]

The month of May marks the last month of summer in the Philippines. It is also known as the month of harvest in the country. Since the flowers and trees are in bloom during this month, many barangays and provinces are celebrating Santa Cruzan every weekend nights showcasing the most beautiful and stunning women of their places.

Expect an exciting month of May as you experience the rich and old-age tradition of the Philippines with different colorful festivals. Here is the list of what you need to expect for this month.

Pahiyas Festival

[Image Credit: Out of Town Blog]
Also known as the Most Colourful Festival in the Philippines, the Pahiyas Festival is a much-anticipated festival held every second week of May. It is to celebrate the bountiful festivals of Gumaca, Sariaya, Tayabas, and Tiaong.

During Pahiyas Festival, you can see the colorful and lavishly decorated houses highlighting Kiping, a decoration shaped like leaves and are made of rice paste. Guests can experience a gastronomic adventure during this celebration as there are stalls selling the city’s local delicacies.

Location: Lucban, Quezon
Date: May 15 (Tuesday)

Rizal Carabao Festival

Rizal Carabao Festival
[Image Credit: Naquem]
Farmers pay tribute to their patron saint, San Isidro, during the Carabao Festival. Carabaos are associated with farmers, as this animal is a big help for farmers by pulling carts and plow. During this celebration, carabaos are decorated and led by farmers in a long procession to the church. Farmers also brush their carabao’s skin until it is shiny. Then they are decorated with ribbons and attached to the carts.

Rizal’s Carabao Festival features a colorful parade and a race between carroza-pulling carabaos on a 400-meter course. At the church, the carabaos kneel for their blessings.

Location: Angono, Rizal
Date: May 14 (Monday) to May 15 (Tuesday)

Pulilan Carabao Festival

Pulilan Carabao Festival
[Image Credit: GMA Network]
Same as the Rizal Carabao Festival, the Pulilan Carabao Festival is a much-awaited festival in Bulacan to honor the farmers’ patron saint, San Isidro Labrador. You can witness the Carabaos decorated with garlands and colorful adornments.

This thanksgiving fiesta features oiled and perfurmed water buffalos who pay homage to Pulilan’s patron saint. They kneel in front of his statue. This celebration is also manifested by hanging all sorts of candies, fruits, food crops, and colorful kipings on bamboo poles.

Location: Pulilan, Bulacan
Date: May 14 (Monday) to May 15 (Tuesday)

Flores De Mayo

Santa Cruzan
[Image Credit: BuzzScoopBlog]
Every month of May, many provinces in the country celebrate the Flores De Mayo as a tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Also called the Queen of Philippine Festivals, Flores de Mayo or Flores de Maria is a Christian tradition which is widely popular in the country.

Flores De Mayo involves children and young women dressed in white carrying flowers and baskets of petals in hand. They march down the aisle of the church and offer the flowers to the Blessed Virgin Mary. There is also Santa Cruzan featuring the different historical and religious personages in the country. The most beautiful and charming ladies of the provinces are dressed in colorful gowns and parade around the town.

This parade is made even more colorful thanks to the bright lights and arcs. People also follow the parade and hold candles to celebrate the festival.

Location: Around the Philippines
Date: Whole Month of May

Obando Fertility Rites

[Image Credit: Yuneoh]
A three-day fiesta celebration in honor of Nuestra Senora de Salambao, Baylon, San Pascual, and Sta. Clara, the Obando Fertility Rites is a well-known festival for childless couples, thankful parents, and grateful farmers and fishermen. People dance along the streets together with women wearing colorful costumes and pray for a child, give gratitude to conceiving, and wishing for a good harvest.

In front of the church, religious sisters are selling different images of the saints. Seminarians and other members of the religious organizations are selling boiled eggs with colored ribbons. Each colored ribbon stands for a particular intention: good life, financial and material wellbeing, enlightened mind, good spirit, better health, and to have a child.

Location: Obando, Bulacan
Date: May 17 (Thursday) to May 19 (Saturday)

Manggahan sa Guimaras Festival

Manggahan sa Guimaras Festival
[Image Credit: Iloilo.Net]
A commemorative celebration of the anniversary of Guimaras as a province showcases their premier producer of mangoes. The Manggahan sa Guimaras Festival showcases the richness of their culture and as a form of giving back and thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest of mangoes.

One of the highlights of Manggahan sa Guimaras Festival is a drama where performing groups dance gracefully while wearing personalized costumes. Plus, for just P100, you can enjoy “Mango All You Can” and enjoy mango food and delicacies.

Location: Guimaras Island
Date: May 11 (Friday) to May 22 (Tuesday)

Lubi-Lubi Festival

Lubi-Lubi Festival
[Image Credit: Vigattin Tourism]
Lubi-Lubi Festival highlights the Sayaw Lubi-Lubi or coconut dance, an indigenous street parade utilizing the city’s abundant coco plants and materials. The Lubi-Lubi Festival is a celebration of love, peace, and unity and to pay homage to the local patroness of Sta. Rita de Cascia.

Location: Gingoog City, Misamis Oriental
Date: May 22 (Tuesday)

Pahoy-Pahoy Festival

Pahoy-Pahoy Festival
[Image Credit: Philippine Primer]
Pahoy-pahoy is a scarecrow used by farmers in the province of Samar. Every month of May, giant pahoy-pahoy made of indigenous materials dance on the streets featuring live music. These bands use instruments made of bamboos, stones, and cans to scare away Maya birds and prevent them from pestering crops.

Location: Caliga, Samar
Date: May 25 (Friday)

Antipolo Pilgrimage

Antipolo Pilgrimage
[Image Credit: Leo / flickr]
An age-old tradition of the devotees of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage make the long pilgrimage on foot from Manila to Antipolo and afterward, enjoy a picnic in the nearby Hinulugang Taktak.

Location: Antipolo
Date: Whole Month of May

Magayon Festival

Magayon Festival
[Image Credit: Out of Town Blog]
A celebration immortalizing the origin of Mt. Mayon is inspired by Albay’s famous legend Daragang Magayon or beautiful maiden. The Magayon Festival showcases Albay’s rich history, culture, arts, trade, tourism, and travel.

Cultural events are on exhibit to fully showcase the history of the place. There are joyous activities as well as a street parade with exquisite and multitalented presentations.

Location: Albay
Date: Whole Month of May


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