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Experience Forest Bathing in Burauen, Leyte

Forest Bathing: Soaking the Beauty of Nature in Burauen, Leyte 

Dinasaur driftwood at the end of the trail

Guide: A Natural Healing Experience through Forest Bathing in Burauen, Leyte

Did you know that you can have a Japanese therapeutic experience in Leyte?

In an upland village in Burauen, Leyte, there’s an adventurous way to reconnect with nature and soothe your senses, away from the busy city. Through a two-hour trail called Tanguile Trail, visitors can experience forest bathing or shinrin yoku, a Japanese therapeutic way that allows you to “open your senses and be one with the natural world.” 

Tanguile Trail Map
Tanguile Trail Map

Shinrin (forest) and yoku (bath) let you immerse in the wilderness of the forests, reconnecting your body harmoniously with nature. With that, there’s no need to fly out to Japan to experience this– because Leyte has its own way of forest bathing.

Registration Area
Registration Area
Lake at Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park
Lake at Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park
Dinasaur driftwood at the end of the trail
Dinasaur driftwood at the end of the trail

Tanguile trail is almost a two-hour trek that’s perfect for beginners– kids may even participate in this activity. As you trail through the forests of Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park, you’ll be able to encounter a vast and verdant flora and fauna–from Tanguile trees, and bamboo to rare ferns, flowers, and plants. The forest is also home to different types of insects, birds, and even endemic wild ducks. 

The Art of Forest Bathing

Tanguile Trail
Tanguile Trail
Nature Trail Experience at Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park photo vai FB Page
Nature Trail Experience at Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park photo via FB Page

Not to be taken in its literal sense, forest bathing doesn’t mean you’ll be doused with water when you go through the trail. It simply means you soak in the wonders of nature, by listening to the chirping of the birds, inhaling the fresh forest scents, tasting a shrub’s sap, and touching the cold forest grounds barefoot.

Guides usually recommend visitors take off their footwear for a while, which is said to be able to reduce stress levels. It’s a kind of therapy, immersive yet made more fun. It is said that forest bathing reduces your anxiety, decreases stress hormones, and boosts immunity and a good mood. It’s a holistic experience to try that’ll make you appreciate the beauty of nature and heal from it. 

Friendly bird at the lake
Friendly bird at the lake

To be able to go through the Tanguile Trail, there are several forest guides who will be with you along the way. Though it’s only a 500-meter trek, guides are needed who are trained to do forest tours. The best part about forest bathing is that it’s for everybody– from the elderly to kids, you’re welcome to explore the forests of Mahagnao. The trail is easy, where there are no steep slopes to endure.

Tour package

Enjoy Local Food at Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park photo via FB Page
Enjoy Local Food at Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park photo via FB Page Image grabbed from Mahagnao Ecotourism’s Facebook page: 

Aside from the trails, the tour package is inclusive of meals, welcome drinks, a live performance of folk dance, an interpretation guide, and a view of Mahagnao Lake, a souvenir item, for only P1,035 per person. It’s not only the forest bathing that you’ll enjoy– you’ll also be able to try their local cuisine through a buffet lunch, consisting of fish, native chicken, vegetable soup, fruits, and coconut juice. This trail lets you immerse in the local community and learn about its rich traditions and culture.

How to get here

From the Tacloban Airport, take a bus going to the town center of Burauen. Ask the conductor to get off at Burauen Terminal and then you can take a habal-habal (motorcycle) going to Mahagnao Volcano Natural Park (MVNP). If you’re traveling in groups, you may rent a car instead. 

Contact Info

Experience the healing art form of forest bathing in Burauen, Leyte! Reconnect with nature and discover the town by supporting local eco-tourism. Have you tried forest bathing before? Share your experience with us in the comment section. 

Sources: Philippine News Agency

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