10 Reasons Why You Should Stay at Casa Vallejo in Baguio City

Casa Vallejo's historical entrance

Where to stay in Baguio City: Casa Vallejo

When in Baguio City, staying in a hotel that reflects the heart of the city is necessary in order to gain an experience that is true to its own, like Casa Vallejo (hotel info).

Casa Vallejo Hotel Baguio City
Casa Vallejo Hotel Baguio City

Below are reasons why you should pick Casa Vallejo as your home in Baguio City.

1. It is a prime mover in Baguio’s rich heritage.

Built in 1909, Casa Vallejo has lived through a rich history that has shaped Baguio’s spirit and identity.

Beginning with the name of Dormitory 4, it was used as the sleeping quarters of German soldiers during the first World War, as well as by American employees from the Bureau of Public Works who were working to develop the mountainous area into a city.

A view of the heavenly smog around Baguio
A view of the heavenly smog around Baguio

In 1923, at the time that Baguio was being developed into a vacation spot, a Spanish soldier, named Salvador Vallejo took interest in the place. He renovated it and turned it into Baguio’s first hotel, called Casa Vallejo. He later married a Filipina lady who helped him run the hotel.

It even survived the Japanese bombings during the World War II.

Not to mention that on March 25, 2014, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines approved the installation of a historical marker for Casa Vallejo, which reinforces the essence of preserving Baguio’s cultural heritage.

Casa Vallejo's historical entrance
Casa Vallejo’s historical entrance

Now, under Eco Hotel’s management, Casa Vallejo has improved into a boutique hotel, made distinct by its rich history, including as the only colonial structure preserved in the former government center of Baguio, and by its commendable facilities and staff.

2. It is walking distance to the center.

Burnham Park
Burnham Park

Situated at Upper Session Road, Casa Vallejo (reviews) leads a few minutes to some of Baguio’s wonderful landmarks on foot like Lower Session Road where an array of restaurants and Ukay-Ukay (second hand stores) are located, the Market where Baguio’s special handicrafts and delicacies are sold, Burnham Park, Wright Park, Café By the Ruins, and many more.

3. It has cozy rooms.

For a room that is designed during the pre-American times, it bequeaths an adequate space that is both pleasing and comfortable. It is equipped with a cushy bed that invites a blissful sleep, a bedside table with a lamp, a wardrobe cabinet, a desk, wall built-in LCD, free WIFI and a vintage style bathroom with hot and cold shower.

A cozy look surrounding the hotel's Family Room
A cozy look surrounding the hotel’s Family Room
A glimpse of the hotel's vintage bathroom
A glimpse of the hotel’s vintage bathroom

Whereas room configuration is concerned, all of the rooms are blessed with plant-filtered fresh air breezing through the big window next to the bed.

4. The staff are friendly and always ready to help.

You could easily find your way around Baguio with the help of Casa Vallejo’s friendly concierge and butler.

Casa Vallejo's reception area
Casa Vallejo’s reception area

Having fallen in love with the city, the hotel’s well-trained staff know their way around, and are updated on the places and events to go to.

Therefore, they are a reliable source of information, as they are well-trained in meeting their guest’s needs with pleasure.

5. It has access to public transportation.

For public transport around the city, there are jeepneys and taxis that routinely pass in front of Casa Vallejo. However, if the jeepney route is away from your destination, you will need to walk to the Lower Session Road to ride a favorable jeepney.

Session Road
Session Road

For long travels, the Victory Liner terminal and the Public Bus Terminal are just within reach.

6. It is adjoined with one of Baguio’s best restaurants.

Below the grand staircase of Casa Vallejo (book now) is Hill Station, a gourmet restaurant that offers hearty, healthy meals made with the finest ingredients sourced locally.

The corner romantic spot at Hill Station Restaurant
The corner romantic spot at Hill Station Restaurant

Here, a breakfast of muesli with yogurt and complimentary coffee or a Country Breakfast of home-smoked bacon, maple-flavored sausage, whole wheat bread, scrambled eggs, butter and strawberry jam and eggs are equally relished with pleasure.

While on other meals, a delicious list of meat-loving and vegetarian dishes like Cambodian Coriander and Garlic Chicken and Spinach and Mushroom Ravioli are offered and are ready to be served by the hospitable staff at the restaurant’s homely dining area.

7. It is adjacent to a very good spa.

North Haven Spa specializes in relaxing massage treatments that are indigenous to the high terrain surrounding Baguio City like the Strawberry organic scrub, Cordillera rice scrub, and Benguet coffee scrub.

The legendary hallway inside Casa Vallejo
The legendary hallway inside Casa Vallejo

They also offer unique massages like their head massage, “Gisgisto” and body massage, “Taltaladtad”.

Afterward, you can go back to your room, relaxed and restored.

8. It is linked with Baguio’s beloved bookshop.

Housing every prestigious book, be it for children or adult that is written by a talented Filipino author or anything written about the country’s moving personalities, events, places, history, Mount Cloud Bookshop clearly reflects the essence as to why books are beloved.

Lush surrounding through the bedroom window
Lush surrounding through the bedroom window

There are books filling the ground floor, as well as the mezzanine, with cozy stools to sit on for quick browsing. And with the many interesting books, you just might find yourself passing a couple of hours engrossed in the books on the shelves.

9. It is connected with a mini theater that offers free screening.

True to the art form, Cinematheque promises a distinct cinema experience to audiences with raw historical footages, foreign films, outstanding films portraying relevant subjects that reflect our world, from the past to the present.

Arts and leisure fill this historical site where Casa Vallejo is
Arts and leisure fill this historical site where Casa Vallejo is

10. It is close to an outdoor apparel store.

If you decide to go to a spur-of-the-moment hike or mountain biking through the undeveloped side of Baguio, then you could rely on Lagalag boutique to give you durable and comfy clothing and accessories.

Here you could find hiking pants for men and women, caps, jackets, shirts and many more, all proudly made in the Philippines, as well as quite suitable for the Philippine atmosphere.

Casa Vallejo (book now)
Address: Session Rd, Baguio, 2600 Benguet
Telephone: (074) 423 3835

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    I totally agree! It has the perfect location (near SM Baguio) and the restaurant (Hillstation) is amazing. We love their “Death by Chocolate” dessert. 🙂

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