My series on German cities took me to the southwestern city of Mainz. Mainz is the capital of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Map of Mainz Why Mainz Is Your New Go-To City
Map of Mainz – Why Mainz Is Your New Go-To City

Mainz is situated right on the junction where the River Rhine meets the River Main. On the other side of the Rhine is Wiesbaden, the capital of the state of Hesse.

The Mainz Story

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The city of Mainz had its beginnings as a Roman-founded city. It is one of the first military bases founded on the Rhine by the Romans.

Allegedly, one can trace its birth to 13 B.C., when Mainz was called “Mogontiacum“. Mainz’s founding can be attributed to Drusus, the adopted son of the Roman Emperor Augustus. From it, the city became one of the Roman Empire’s — then Europe’s —  important port cities.

Over hundreds of years Mainz evolved from a legion camp or military base to a city known for one of the best inventions the world has ever seen. You’ll find out below the reasons why Mainz should be your new go-to city.

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Mainz Cathedral
Mainz Cathedral

Why Mainz Should Be Your Main Squeeze

1. You love wine as much as you love Germany.

Yeah, I get it. We all know that Germany is known first and foremost for its beer. But did you know that Germany is also known for its wines? The city of Mainz is Germany’s wine capital and it plays host to many different wineries. The city is so well-known with regards to wines because of its location: Mainz is conveniently seated within a region called Rheinhessen, an important area for wine production. Can’t go to France for that tasty red or white stuff? You can get it right here in Germany.

Wine Cellar Kupferberg
Wine Cellar Kupferberg

Wine Cellar Kupferberg, one of Mainz’s oldest wineries. This winery boasts a deep cellar with seven layers.

2. You want charm? Mainz will give it to you.

If you’ve seen a lot of cities that looks quite similar in feel, pack your bags and a take a trip down to Mainz. Believe me when I say that Mainz looks especially interesting when the sun is out. At the time of our visit, I became so excited when the sun came round because it gave Mainz its friendly allure.


This photo of a portion of the Kirschgarten is my favourite. All because of this quaint Fachwerk in the middle of the street with the Mainz Cathedral peeking behind. I just find it really charming.

Middle of Kirschgarten
Middle of Kirschgarten

Kirschgarten is an area within the Mainz Alstadt where you can find an array of Fachwerke or timber-framed houses. This photo above was taken right in the middle of the Kirschgarten itself. Despite the name, there wasn’t any cherry trees standing nearby.

Kirschgarten in Mainz Germany
Kirschgarten in Mainz Germany

If you’re into long photowalks, the Altstadt is simply the best place to do that.

3. Mainz is a city of the one of the world’s most important inventions

Johannes Gutenberg is Mainz’s most famous person especially because he was born here. Not to mention that it was in this very city the movable-type printing press was created. In the city center you will find the house where he was born. Unfortunately we were not able to pay a visit because it was closed. Oh, the downside of touring a city on a New Year’s Day.


Right in the middle of the Altstadt is the statue of the famous son of the city himself. Without him, we would not enjoy the opportunity of holding and reading books.

This wraps up our visit to the city of Mainz. See you on the next city we’ll visit!

Fachwerke - Why Mainz Is Your New Go-To City in Germany
Fachwerke – Why Mainz Is Your New Go-To City in Germany

How to reach Mainz:

The city is quite near Frankfurt am Main! All it takes is just one train ride from the Frankfurt Central Station to Mainz Central Station. The journey takes around 40 minutes.

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