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Food Finds: Wok Friends in Osnabrück, Germany

Fried noodles with Crispy Duck

Wok Friends in Osnabrück

For a someone like me who has been living in Germany for quite some time now, I cannot resist missing food from the Philippines. In Osnabrück, there aren’t any Filipino restaurants around so you’ll make do with either cooking your own take on Pinoy food, or you go to Asian restaurants. At one point, my husband and I went to a Vietnamese restaurant called Wok Friends.

Viet Nam Wok, or Wok Friends
Viet Nam Wok, or Wok Friends
Another view of the exterior from my seat
Another view of the exterior from my seat

Walking into Wok Friends

Wok Friends is a fairly small place tucked right in Osnabrück Altstadt. You can find it right behind the big Saturn building, on a street called Kleine Hamkenstrasse. For some reason, you cannot miss it because it has lots of pictures and writings outside it, and it’s coloured yellow with a red awning.

The ambiance inside the restaurant was just like most Asian restaurants. Kind of reminded me of some restaurants in Binondo (which I sorely miss). We ordered our food and decided to sit outside it, since it was a pleasant day.

At last the food arrived. We ordered fried noodles with crispy duck, and fried spring rolls. Duck is not that common back in Manila (except peking duck in Chinese establishments), and we’re quite pleased that duck is readily available. Crispy duck for a change!

Fried noodles with Crispy Duck
Fried noodles with Crispy Duck
Fried spring rolls
Fried spring rolls

It was our second visit to Wok Friends, and we noticed that the noodles tasted even better than the last time we were there.The fried noodles — where do I start? Can I start with the duck being scrumptious and crispy, and end with the duck being not too gamey? Yes! The duck is the one of the best I have had, so far. I prefer how it tasted — not too oily, and not to gamey. And the crunch was the jackpot. Really crispy, really tender. The duck’s to munch for. The noodles were firm and had a subtle taste of curry. The whole dish seems like a nod to our very own pancit canton, only with a hefty serving of duck. Eating the whole serving made me miss Lanzhou Lamien in Binondo, though.

Their fried spring rolls is a dead ringer for our lumpiang shanghai. Personally, I was hoping for the fresh ones since they’re way better that its fried counterpart. The serving was a tad bit oily, and the filling wasn’t enough each roll.

Overall, we enjoyed the meal because the noodle dish was the runaway winner! For EUR 10 including a can of Coke, we’re chuffed to say that it’s worth it! We’d definitely come back to Wok Friends, just for the fried noodles. Maybe next time we’d go for the pho since the weather has gone colder now. Hopefully they could throw in bahn mi to their current menu.

If you’re in town and would like to have a taste of enjoyable Vietnamese that you and your friends can share after shopping at the Große Straße, come to Wok Friends. Be sure to bring your appetite along as they have so many choices for noodles alone.

Wok Friends/ Viet Nam Wok
Kleine Hamkenstraße 7A
49074 Osnabrück

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Written by Nizrhane Abdallah

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